16 Essential Smartphone Applications

16 Essential Smartphone Applications

Today I’ll talk about the smartphones. I have several that I use day to day and share with my friends. I have iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and HTC Excalibur. Some are new while others are old. Regardless of the device you buy, it’s No matter what you buy they will do the same thing. Most will do the same things but not the same.

Why would you buy a device from Google?

1. Brand name – A brand name means you won’t have to go into an online store to purchase the item. You can walk into a store and purchase the device.

2. Operating system – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and HTC Excalibur have been created by Google to provide mobile users with a full range of choices.

3. Cross platform – Both Android and iOS can run on the same device, however each operates on a different set of operating systems.

4. Software – Some Android devices have software built in while others are strictly a device for web browsing and shopping. In either case you get software that will bring you the same experience.

5.Gigabyte memory – 1gb of memory is surprisingly found in a device as common as this. Whether you have an older model phone or a new phone it will be able to manage all your calls and text messages.

6. Camera – High-end devices come with cameras that allow for landscape mode viewing.

7. Operating system – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and HTC Excalibur have operating systems that allow for multiple devices.

8. Size and weight – These all vary in size and weight. Some are sleek while others are chunky. They are also different in size and weight.

9. Battery – The batteries will not be the same depending on which device you choose. The battery will be important to you whether you plan to buy the device or not.

10. Sizes – There are different sizes available. The largest models are usually the best. Typically the smallest models are the best for gathering and communicating data.

11. Price – Price and payment cycle plays an important factor in your choice. You can buy the model that you choose within your budget. If you can, shop around and sell your previous phones. You can pocket a few more bucks for your next phone.

12. Viewing angle and screen size – Here the size and viewing angle comes into play. Try to look at the size of the text and other icons on the display. The larger the screen is, the better you will see your phone.

13. Quality of sound – Try to listen to the sound coming from the device. If you can’t hear sounds, check the settings and changing preferences may provide better sound.

14. Touchpad – The touchpad on this device is sensitive and may require you to move your finger from the lower right corner of the display.

15. Capability to attach a external keyboard – If you like to have the capability to be able to use a computer without using the a physical keyboard, this is probably the device for you. These units do not have internal keyboards.

16. Third-party applications – You are able to use your smartphone and tablet to get emails, browse the web, view calendar and perform other basic functions. Check the availability of different applications and whether you will be able to use them.

With these 16 essential smartphone application points, you should be able to find a list of 16 essential smartphone applications. Being able to use these 16 essential functions will save you a lot of time, as well as allowing you to perform your job as efficiently as possible.

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