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3D Plasma TV vs 3D LCD TV Who is The Winner

3D plasma TV vs 3D LCD TV who is the winner? 3D is indeed the new standard in modern entertainment. In order to fully appreciate this kind of entertainment technology, it is important to understand how 3D works. 3D stands for three-dimensional images that when used in pictures for a movie or game help to bring a more vivid and realistic picture. Indeed, this technology is utilized by a lot of television manufacturers in order to make the picture more vivid and make it feel that the actions are happening right before your eyes.

Yes, you heard it right. The use of 3D technology is no longer restricted to the cinemas because it is now available in televisions that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own living room. It is therefore a good thing for consumers because it means they have easier access to 3D entertainment via 3D TVs. However, there is a dilemma that is confronting them right away since there are two types of television that offers 3D capability nowadays: LCD TV and Plasma TV.

A television utilizes a single light source when projecting images on the screen. This also requires you to have a left and right picture in two different ways. In order to synchronize those two images, you need to wear a pair of 3D glasses so you can clearly witness the vivid 3D images as they are projected onto the television screen.

It is important to examine the difference between opting for a 3D plasma or LCD TV in order for you to pick the right TV to invest in for your home. After all, they aren’t cheap. Thus, it is very important that you make the right choice so you can enjoy high quality viewing and make it worth the investment. The main difference with these two types of 3D TVs is in the way they produce light.

An LCD HDTV has the ability to refresh the picture in a very rapid manner. The light source for this kind of television functions in the same way as little gates do wherein they open and close in order to allow the light to get in. It can take some time before LCD molecules can change state, which can cause a bit of trouble in terms of the projection of left and right image on the screen.

As for Plasma TV, the television emits sequential images. It starts with the right images and then followed by the left images. The images begin in a pixel before the full image is displayed. The previous image is therefore erased before the next one is displayed. This therefore reduces the amount of distortion that is present in the images as they are shown on the television screen.

Plasma TV might be more ideal for choosing the best 3D television to invest in for your home. However, you must also check with the other features to maximize value for your money and ensure quality 3D entertainment at home.

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