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8 Ways to Protect Yourself from Spammers

If you’ve had spam on your email account for a few months, you’ve no doubt received some really annoying spam. However, there is good news. You can douse the Spam Killers with the following tricks and measures.

Here are 5 steps to protect yourself from spammers:

1. Don’t reply – This is self explanatory.  Replying to the spam is an invitation to more trouble.  While it’s not likely that you will be able to avoid all spam, you can at least reduce the number of messages that you receive that are bogus.  If you are receiving messages that you recognize are fraudulent, forward them to the persons who run the spam account.  They will be able to identify legitimate messages in there and in their system and let you know that they have received your message.

2. Delete the message – Once you have forwarded a message to a spam @ you will be provided with a code to copy and paste in your signature block.  When you receive your first message, forward it to this same address as that of the first person who sent you the fraudulent message.  After a few days, if nothing happens, forward the message along with the header to everyone you know.

3. Do not unsubscribe – This is because the people who send you the fraudulent messages want you to stay on their mailing list.  If you wish to stop receiving their mail, notify them by using a counter measures or sending them an email that includes instructions how to unsubscribe.  Do not follow the links in the email, as they will take you to the spammer’s website.

4. Protect your computer – The anonymous nature of spyware allows it to install on your computer and transmit your personal information back to the spammer.  It is vital that you ensure that your computer is protected and that it has been updated regularly.  Install anti-spyware software that will search for recently installed spyware on your computer and remove it.

5. Do not click on links – These are encouraged by spamsters because when you click a link, it instantly sends the spammer’s website to your browser.  Immediately delete any email that you are not sure of or that is from a person that you do not know.

6. Report spam without using a free email search – Many people enjoy searching for messages that allegedly come from a friend but actually come from spam.  Many of the links that you will see are actually Spam, or a site that will install unwanted scripts or software on your computer.  Without knowing that it is infected, you will not know what you are really going to encounter.  Thus, if a message says it is from your friend and they really want to have it, make it very clear to them that they should not have it.

7. be aware of the company – If you are proceeding with a business transaction, make sure that the company is reputable.  Make sure that they have a copyright, that they are requesting permission before you are entering this site.  Legitimate companies will have no issue giving you permission before you are on their site.  Companies that steal will offer you a use of their site or may even try to deceive you by creating a site that looks just like that of a well-known company.  Unfortunately, you will not know until you visit their site.

8. Don’t know about California spam laws – In most cases, it is illegal for anyone other than the owner or agent of a company to send you unsolicited emails.  If you receive an email that is from someone you know and trust, never versed in law, do not forward it further.  This is probably the only sure way to know that you are dealing with the correct person.

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