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Acer Iconia Tab A100-07u08u 7-inch Tablet (8GB)

Acer iconia tab A100-07u08u 7-inch tablet 8gb. For a tablet that doesn’t cost the Earth, the Acer iconia A100 is a great tablet. The dual core NVIDIA Tegra processor is not only incredibly fast, giving great multi-tasking performance, but it means that you can access the Tegra games market and download some excellent games. Other games and apps are available on the Android market, but not everything is compatible with Honeycomb yet so it limits your choices a little.

The 1GB of memory is a lot for so small a tablet, and there is 8GB of storage on board. There is a micro SD card slot that supports up to another 32GB, which means that there is plenty of space for movies, photographs and music. The 5MP camera to the rear of the tablet gives reasonable images, and a flash is included. However being an LED this is harsh and overly white and tends to wash out the photos that you take with it. A forward facing 2MP camera doesn’t work well for photos at all but is useful for making video calls should you choose to.

The claims that it will fit easily into your pocket or bag are a little bit of a stretch. The average person struggles to fit a large smartphone into their pocket at a little over 4 inches, so this at 7 inches is just too much. It is far easier to slip into a bag than a 10 inch device though, and is both slimline and lightweight.

Display quality on this phone is a little odd. When you view it directly the picture is great, but tilt the screen even a little and you almost completely lose the picture. This isn’t too huge a problem because of the fact that a 7 inch screen isn’t really big enough to share anyway, but it means that it is almost impossible for someone to be watching over your shoulder. There’s no stand built into the tablet which makes watching movies even harder, but there are a number of stands available from third party manufacturers that work for this.

The built in motion sensors make this a very neat tablet for gaming. The size of it is far more manageable than a 10 inch, making game play by tilting the device very easy. Dual control ‘sticks’ as included in many of the games are easily accessible when playing thanks to the size of the screen.

The battery life on this tablet is, quite frankly, very poor compared to many others. With an average life of just five hours this tablet is at the low end of what is available and it runs for even less time when running it for only video. It is smaller than many tablets and therefore the battery would obviously need to be smaller to fit inside of the smaller case, but that still does not forgive having such a short battery life when compared to so many other tablets on the market. A spare charger is therefore a must.

With the very reasonable price tag that this small tablet carries, you are getting a wonderful piece of hardware. From the good quality feel of the device through to the clean and easy to use operating system, the Acer Iconia A100 is a great entry level tablet.

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