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Android Phones and Unwanted Apps

Many people take a lot of time to get their phones running as they want it to do. They remove the things that they either don’t like or cause them problems by slowing down their hardware, and they find the perfect games and apps that run well on their phone. Everything works great until it’s time to update the system software. Suddenly they find that their beloved apps are missing, and some others are. Why is this?

It takes time to customize your phone. Downloading and installing the apps and changing all other settings to your liking is something you don’t want to do more than once. So when your cellular provider releases an update for the operating system on your phone and resets your phone to the factory default (as is often the case), it can be somewhat upsetting.

It is more frustrating for some people because the new software may come with several annoying apps that you don’t want and run in the background, slowing down your phone. The biggest problem is that they cannot be removed-they are there permanently. These are sponsored apps for the cell phone provider.

When you are stuck with several apps that cannot remove through the normal process, you can uninstall them by removing the phone. This process is automated with many of the phone models, thanks to amateur coders’ hard work. Once rooted, some apps will allow you complete access to all of the files on your phone, including file managers and command line emulators that will enable you to delete files at will (including system files that may permanently break your phone).

The problem is that rooting your phone almost always invalidates the phone’s warranty and tends to be against most cell phone providers’ terms of service. For this reason, it is inadvisable to do so, no matter how attractive the benefits may be.

There can be other problems when installing operating system updates. Although the software is tested extensively before release, there may be problems. Users may lose their phone contacts, alarm clocks may fail to operate, and other niggly issues may arise.

Given the problems that may be associated with installing operating system updates, you may wonder whether it is worth taking the risk of installing them at all. But choosing not to install them can cause even more problems or may rob you of useful, new features.

When an operating system is first released, it tends not to include all of the phone features capable of supporting. These are instead released over time with operating system updates, as and when they can incorporate them. Only by keeping on top of new updates will you take advantage of all new features.

Perhaps more importantly, there may be security problems with the system that are fixed only with these software updates. Patches are released periodically to fix known issues. That means that you will have to weigh up the annoyance of dealing with unwanted software. Sometimes, reinstalling your chosen apps again against the far more significant risks of a security flaw may give someone unauthorized access to your phone.

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