mac mini server

Apple Mac Mini MC438LL/A Server

With a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the Mac Mini server is a fast and smooth server for the small office. Interestingly though, this would also the basic rather than the server version of the operating system and would perform incredibly well as a media server for a household that has multiple computers that need to interact with and access the same media files.

There are two hard drives on this server, with both holding 500GB of data. This is a reasonable amount, if not the biggest, and these drives now run at 7200rpm. This is at the higher end of hard drive access speeds. There is the possibility of increasing the amount of data that you can store by using SDXC (the very high capacity memory cards), with card sizes of up to 2TB being readable. This would currently be far too expensive for many companies to utilize, but like all storage the cost should eventually come down to the point that it becomes bearable.

Only 4GB of RAM is pre-installed in the server, but you can double that if you choose to. Having 8GB is wonderful when you have a large number of clients for the server, as it helps to avoid slow ups in the running. Better than the usefulness is the ease of upgrading, as this has been made a user serviceable part. There is a cover that is easy to remove in order to access the RAM sticks, and upgrading is a case of simply popping in more RAM.

Time machine comes as standard with this server and means that it becomes very easy to perform and maintain backups of any of the data that you have stored on the server. With an external hard drive plugged into it that itself holds 2TB of data, all new files and edits will be protected.

NVIDIA is the graphics processor brand included in the server, and is more than capable when it comes to serving HD video. It also works well for video and photo editing-something that the Apple Mac range have always had a reputation for doing well. It only has shared memory, but with so large an amount of memory on the machine this isn’t too bad.

The Mac Mini server is small and sleek and will comfortably sit anywhere in your office, or even in the home if you have a need for it. It is so small in fact that it looks almost like a large external hard drive, and it runs very quietly, putting out very little heat compared to some of the full sized servers. This most recent model of the server has incorporated the power supply inside the machine, and so a simple cable is all that goes in, so that you don’t have to find a second space to hold the (previously) large power supply.

 In short, it is an ideal and cost effective solution for a small office that doesn’t want a full array of servers, or for the office that needs to consider space as they upgrade their hardware.

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