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Archos 32 3.2-Inch Internet Tablet with Android

When shopping for a new MP3 player, Amazon suggested several small Android tablets that worked as media players. That was an attractive idea, mimicking as it does the iPod touch and giving not only an MP3 player but also other functionality for a fraction of the iPod touch cost. However, I primarily bought it as an MP3 player.

Like all Android devices, this one was straightforward to use. It has a relatively intuitive interface that makes it easy to use; however, the touch screen is resistive instead of capacitive and can be annoying when accessing the interface. As resistive touch screens go, it is highly responsive.

The player is small-about the same size as the average smartphone today, and it provides the majority of the same functionality. The only thing it won’t do is call out. When on a WiFi network, it can access the internet, download or send an email, and view videos online. You can also install new applications for it, but not from the official Android app store, which is not supported. It does, however, give you the chance to increase or to change functionality. With Android 2.1 installed, it has plenty of functionality but is several steps behind the latest releases. Still, good enough for an MP3 player.

There is a web browser that comes built-in, and that works well. That can watch youtube videos on the Youtube app, and the screen displays them at a sufficiently high resolution to make them look good. A camera includes on the tablet that will take video. Still, the quality is middling-better than having nothing available but not good enough to replace a standalone video camera no matter how cheap.

There are a few notable drawbacks to this device, the biggest being the lack of a micro SD slot as most Android devices now have. It means that the only storage available is the 8GB installed. However, this is no different from the iPod range that is also limited to their onboard memory.

There are no speakers built into this either, and this was a disappointment at first. However, the speakers on these small devices usually are so low in sound reproduction quality that they aren’t worth using anyway, so the need to connect external speakers is a minor issue. A separate purchase is also needed for a good pair of earphones, as the supplied ones give an inferior sound. The tablet is capable of blue-tooth connections, providing an excellent way to connect speakers wirelessly.

Considering the price of this device and the fact that bought it as an MP3 player, it has turned out to be quite an incredible device. With a couple of separately purchased accessories and some time spent fine-tuning the apps, it does everything that could ask of it. Instead of being more of a complete entertainment device, it is far beyond, and indeed good value for the money paid.

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