Candy Crush Games

Candy Crush Games

It has been hailed as a refreshing take on the genre – candy crush adds a sense of curiosity to the hunt, leading you to complete sets of carefully planned mind challenges not found on your average mobile app.

Mind force games have a well established and loyal following already, having raised more than $1 billion for the developers with their last release addictive Candy Crush Saga. The premise for candy Crush as you play is for you to try and reach the highest score possible, as quickly as possible, so that your high score will dominate all of Facebook.

Candy Crush can be played in three different modes, although the first two just test your memory and knowledge of the available jigsaw puzzle pieces. The more difficult modes increase the speed of the game and require you to use different types of strategies and tactics that you may not have thought of before.

Many of the game elements that are presented on this game are familiar to fans of the series, including the series’ trademark weapon, called the candy cube. In the new Candy Crush game, crowds into a color combo are more realistic, and are versus other games. Candy Crush cars, which look like hover cars, are introduced, and players are required to avoid power grids and spike traps.

Power grids are a new addition to the candy crush game. These are a deadly menace to players, and can kill you in an instant if you are caught in one. They restrict you to a confined space for a limited amount of time, and often will wipe out entire maps in seconds.  The game isn’t won by those who can best speed though, as special items have become found, called extra lives, that allow players to escape from the auras and magical walls that are common enemies in this game.

Extra lives

Player End score is accumulated by:

Accuracy – number correctly copied in a row

Coordinates – placed within a column or rectangular region

Sequences – The number of identical sequences of direction arrows that are laid out for players to navigate

Assures – The number of jigsaw pieces used to complete a stage is added to the score

Weapons – All weapons are random, and players can only use one at a time

When a stage is completed, a box appears on the top of the screen. This box relives all of the items that were collected through that stage and is removed when the player returns to the main menu.

As with all of the Facebook games, players can upload their scores to the leader board, which will allow other players to see your prowess in the game. The game is produced by Play-fish, and the leader board can be found on the Playfish website under the Games tab. Additional pop-up ads can be seen on the bottom of the screen, and these ads can be clicked on to go to a website that is free to play. The websites offer a variety of candy Crush games, with different story lines and different parts of the game are made available at different levels. The free games allow users to play at whatever level they want, and can instead choose to play the game with friends, or challenge others to a score before going back to the game.

When playing the game, extra features are unlocked, such as music videos that can be played at different points in the game, social gaming through Facebook and Twitter, and new levels are opened up to the player. The game developing company Play fish has launched over 50 Facebook games, including Ice Breaker Penguin Pirates, Hack Wars, and Word Challenge.

Patch 3.3.3 is now available, and has since been released with many bug fixes. Facebook users can update to the new patch, and it is recommend that everyone upgrade their games patches today. The bug that initially caused the bug in the game has now been fixed, and millions of Facebook users are now able to enjoy the game without any problem.

It has been fully integrated with the newer Facebook games features, and the game is able to integrate with the newer anti- popup blocking tools that can easily remove unwanted pop-ups and have you enjoying the game without a problem.

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