Classified Advertising – Don’t Get Scammed

Classified Advertising – Don’t Get Scammed

I went to get some coffee.  After I sat down, I noticed the front page banner on my computer.  It said something about how I could get tens of thousands of dollars in return for opening an email.  I had clicked on the banner about 5 times already that day but today it caught my attention.  I was so excited about getting this offer that I wasn’t sure why it wanted me to sign up.  But, feeling curious, I clicked on the email and was directed to the page where I could sign up.

I was maybe 5 minutes into signing up when I noticed something strange.  The offer that I had been viewing earlier was no longer available.  It was impossible to make out what the deal was but I could see that they had once again secured themselves against my attempts to get off the email list.  I had to press send after they asked me to do so.

I didn’t get off the email list for long enough to actually make a lot of money but, I thought I would give it another try.  I created another email account (this one is now private) and tried to sign up again.  After about a few minutes, I got another email telling me that “I’m sorry but your account has been suspended.”

I had to check my computer because I realized that someone had actually deleted my email.  But, quickly, I got a message to click on the link to get to my PayPal account.  When I clicked on that, I realized that it was the same link that was communicating with the seller’s server.  It was suspended.  There was no way that I was going to be able to reach him.

I was about to spend my own money on sending the art pieces, but decided to go with the safer bet.  I went to my bank and asked if they would refund my money.  They looked at the recap and saw the amount that I would have been charged and they were shocked.  They said that was never supposed to happen.

I contacted PayPal (very slowly) and it took me a week before I got a reply.  By that time, I had spent over $3,000.00 and I didn’t get a refund.  I found out that one of the reasons why the thieves were able to get such high profit was that they were checking out each email’s subject line.  The subject lines that they were checking included my name.  As you can imagine, my eyes got opened up really quick.

I have been contacted by a number of people since this happened.  Every single person who has passed this message on has been shocked as to how easy it was for me to be hacked.  I never knew this was an issue.

PayPal (a great company) tells you in their terms and conditions that they will shut down my account if they find me using a fraudulent email address.  They also said that was one of the ways they prevent fraudulent activity.  But, reality is that they almost never find me using that fraudulent email address.

The message keeps coming in:  “If your email isn’t addressed to you, don’t send money.”  This is becoming more and more true everyday.

The people whoinatoriously hacked into my debit card using stolen information and WOW, did it slow.  It took everything I had just to learn how to untrace the charges.  I did have my pin number but they were reusing the same one so, I didn’t have any way of actually stopping the charges.  They would just go back to the same store, get the card out, and charge it again.

Break that chain!  Educate your self and sit down and write down all your security questions.  This may be the safest method to protect your debit card.

I knew that there Below are some ways to anonymously send someone money without revealing your personal information…

You can send money to someone else using their debit card number, they don’t even have to know you took it!

You can also use a “remailer” which is another website that sets up one-time only payments for websites.  They set it up once and then they send you the money, drop it in PayPal’s address, and then PayPal looks up the money with the Remailer website, after which they drop it off at your home.  You then pick up your money.

I learned another way to not only send someone money, but also pick up extra money.  This is by using a different email address for your PayPal account.  After all, you don’t want your old address to show up at your local credit card store.  Also, using this address allows you to pick up money on eBay, with no fees to pay.

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