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Cool Gadgets For Your Digital Needs

Cool gadgets for your digital needs. Today’s computer world makes digital files and high-tech gadgets inseparable parts of daily living. Whether you’re in work or in school, you can’t deny the importance of high-tech electronic gadgets that helps you get through your day.

But with all the files we need and keep, it can be quite handful to find one thing to store and keep them all safe. Good thing gadget manufacturers have answered this need!  Here are a few of the cool electronic devices that can store all the media files you need to keep.

eStarling Impact 8 WiFi Photo Frame

With SRP of $170, this electronic device lets you store and show photos as it runs and rotates slideshows of your favorite images while hanging on your wall or standing on your desk. However, transferring files to this electronic frame can be quite a hassle, as you have to send photos to this cool gadgets via email, before it automatically show a few minutes later.

D-Link Internet Surveillance Kit

This kit lets you monitor your home and provides an optimum surveillance security system while you’re away. With standard retail price of $290, you can install the camera wherever there is an electric outlet in tactical spots of your home. This device sends data over the internet (requires Internet Explorer browser) and allows you to view your home in real-time. You can also receive email notifications as soon as the camera detects motion on its peripherals.

Linksys Powerline Network Kit

If you don’t want to run cables around your house and you don’t have a WiFi connection, then this powerline network kit from Linksys is for you. With SRP of $150 (and up), you can connect your computer to your internet modem right through your building’s electric outlets. This allows you to share, send and receive files without needing WiFi connectivity any point inside your house.

Western Digital Sharespace

Protection for your emails, documents, and music and photo files is nearly indestructible with this SharesSpace. This is a storage that hooks up to your home network, allowing any computers connected in that particular network to receive, store and retrieve data from it.  ShareSpace lets your spread data redundantly across up to 4 hard drive disks inside your house. You can even set-up a system so that whenever a single disk fails, you will not lose any data stored. Then, you can later pop in a replacement disk to bring all the collection back in full strength.

With SRP of $1000, the 4-disk 4-terabyte version of ShareSpace can hold up to 300 DVD movies redundantly. The 2-disk 2 terabyte version on the other hand can offer the same security in a small storage space for only $700.  ShareSpace can also back-up files from USB drive plugged in a single touch of the button and MP3 folders that lets computer units with iTunes play those stored music files.

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