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Custom Software Development

When it comes to custom software development what are the key terms you should be aware of? Firstly they are all known as OSS but more importantly they mean different things to different people. For a business that is just getting used to OSS it is entirely normal that they are OSS aware of the terms but for a business that has been around for a long time it may be a little more complicated to understand the concepts of OSS.

This article explains what OSS is and explains how it can be used by businesses.


When it comes to business the term OSS has actually become something of an ambiguous term. The definition of the term tends to depend on the context in which it is used. Generally speaking OSS is short for operational support system.

The reason this term is used in different ways is because different technologies and methodologies are being used within a company. For example within a company which is working on developing new products which are going to be used by consumers it is considered necessary for this company to be able to respond with information on the consumer electronics which are going to be promoted by the company.

This is because consumer electronics are really valuable and are being marketed heavily in order to get people to buy them. This means that the company which is responsible for the OSS technology should be able to understand how the technology fits into the scheme of the future marketing of the products.

 Maker or Business?

This question really hinges on what a business actually makes use of OSS. If a business relies on the internet for their sales and promotion it is entirely likely that they will be heavily involved in the technology itself. However businesses with more traditional needs such as those who sell very specific software based systems will often not be involved in the OSS developments.

The reason for this is because these types of businesses have a need that is not being met by the OSS. The fact is that the OSS is a specialized method of looking at how the technology can be used to a specific set of problems. This means that the business which OSS is being used for is not the primary use and the OSS is only making a secondary use of the technology.

For a business to be truly OSS friendly they need to not only be able to understand the uses of the technology but also be able to offer support around its implementation. This means that the business will not only need to be involved in the technological aspect but will also need to understand the factors which will count in the success of the technology.

Businesses that are planning to make use of OSS ought to be aware of the fact that they will have to make a decision regarding the type of users that will be accessing the information. For instance the individuals who will be using the system should be declared as such and then the application will be able to field the information accordingly. The reason why this is Important is because it can help create a safe working environment for the users especially the less technical ones.

It is usual for a company to give the users OSS access to resources which are made available through the internet. After all OSS is considered as open source software which is why it is so popular. This is also a reason why it is used heavily by developers and users without prior knowledge of the IT background.

This systems integration can be further utilized in order to make it beneficial for another batch of users. Different computer systems are connected through internet which includes different career opportunities that are offered via this method.

Businesses which do not have a server are not going to progress very quickly. Therefore, it is worth it for a business to make use of OSS technology to increase its productivity. This will not only help increase the work productivity but it will also help utilize the time effectively so that the business can benefit from it greatly.

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