Dark Templar Rush – Protoss (Starcraft 2)

The Dark Templar rush is an effective strategy in the lower Bronze, and even Silver leagues.

Why Use A Dark Templar Rush?

First off, Dark Templars are very expensive building.  They cost 400 Minerals and 200 gas just to build.  An initial attack using only a couple of Dark Templars is likely going to be devastating.  They are also a long train, so any meat shields in your army are going to be killed quickly, leaving your message system scrambling to provide a response in time.

Secondly, a Dark Templar Rush is extremely effective in the higher ladder play.  While it remains a viable strategy in the lower ladder leagues, where knock-out victories are more common, it becomes much less effective in the middle ladder leagues.  As recently as this week, the top 20 players in the Diamond league were updating their build orders to respond to the new patch and continue mastering their race, the Zerg.  The balance has been disturbed.  Many Diamond players were caught off guard by the Patch and did not know how to fix the problems that resulted.  Fortunately for them, as the experiment was beginning, Blizzard released several patches to the Starcraft 2 patches notes, allowing them to catch up on internal bugs and glitches that allowed some of the older maps to repeat on newer ones.  In fact, the only true symmetrical map mode, Alterac Valley, was affected by the patch notes so that the same maps over and over again became more balanced.

Equally, many of the new map releases over the last few weeks have been defects on the ladder play, creating new alignments that some players believe have now become totally imbalanced.  Indeed, a random group of six players could determine the outcome of a match in just a few hours.

Finally, many previous strategies have been completely altered within the first few weeks of the release of the expansion.  In particular, the Dark Templar Rush has been sped up, and other Confuse spells are no longer as powerful.  However, because there are now 15-19 minute campaigns, longer rushes may be required for the newer maps.  If you begin to see immortals flying around, you know you are in for a long night:

9) Across the Numerology this release resulted in some changes to the way Numerology works in Starcraft 2.  In the original Starcraft, players could use a so-called “Numerology” special strategy to win games early in the single player campaign.  It initially appeared as though this was going to be Garnet, but it’s now Diamond.  Blizzard also announced that the mode for multi-player has been changed when you gain enough experience with a single character.  You can earn Alts by going through single player content, but the new interface requires more time to complete.

Ultimately, these changes are intended to enhance the gameplay, as well as cut down on time redundancy for the campaign and multiplayer modes.  It also introduces Classes, achievements and special chests to track your gameplay.

While we normally reserve praise for the original version, the fundamental gameplay has been altered less to become more seamless.  You have less control over your base and armies during the campaign.  In addition, you must manage your resources more frequently so that you keep your units in the best shape to resist attacks.  Yet the fundamental gameplay is great, and remains addictive.

As always, the basic rules of Sc2 are the same.  Your unarmed units are still your best hopes to destroy your enemy’s armed forces.  For instance, you need to build certain buildings to bring together resource gatherers and the units that turn those gatherers into armies.

In addition, you need to gather continuous stream of military aid and reinforcements, and these also have a role to play in your overall efforts.  After all, the Imperial Army was defeated by the Republic and took decades to recover.  Some powers will only yield more to your help.

In any case, you will still find hundreds of missions and quick to play online matches, even amid the hundreds of players worldwide who try to outdo each other.  Plus, you’ll be intrigued to discover how many different Mean Green skins are waiting to rise from the dark dungeons, and how many newcomers are disguised as the Old Horde.

In fact, you’ll be treated to the grandest visual treat in Starcraft 2: three dimensional graphics were fully illustrated by the artists.  For each battlefield, even single units seemed like finely crafted masterpieces.  Unlike the visual quality of the original game, the sequel is already available in Battle.net and will be transferable via Battle log.

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