Dead Space Beginnings!

When Electronic Arts first announced that they were going to make a new horror/zombie game, Dead Space surely clicked with many gamers. The idea of being able to plot to free a space ship and then defend yourself while you do so was a very tempting prospect.  What the game does, however, is quite phenomenal.

The graphics are phenomenal, the game play is good, and the idea is unique.  What the result is also unique is the end result.  What you get with Dead Space is a compelling video game that does a great job of telling its story through game play.

It starts off with Isaac (the hero of the game) waking up in a Suit of jeans on a garbage pile.  What follows is a long stretch of playing games, struggling to get to grips with a controller, and not even being able to use the television as a viable weapon.  It’s during this phase of the game that you realize that something isn’t right.

 Isaac then realizes that he isn’t going to be able to get off the rack and make it to the surface because there are creatures down there that are after him.  After another few scenes of being attacked by Necromorphs, Isaac finally realizes why he doesn’t have any weapons, and that he has to get to the surface in order to survive.

 Soon after, Isaac makes it to the surface and he sees the outside world for the first time.  He also realizes that he isn’t in the building where he got lost.  So, he sets out to find a way to get back to the surface, and he eventually made his way back home, only to have to deal with more Necromorphs.

During this phase of the game, Necromorphs start coming at you from all sides.  If you’re around the pile of bodies that are your friends, you will get bit by a mutated zombie.  Then, you’ll be attacked by more zombies as they move down from their home in the buildings.  It was at this point that I decided to fire up the Xbox’s 360 and give Dead Space a try.

I started out with the easy mode.  It started off as a boring as heck pace that got a bit repetitive.  It isn’t anything special, but it’s good for anyone looking to have a mild interactive horror experience.  Then I started onto the Survival difficulty mode, which was my highest difficulty level.  It was tough but fun.  There is a slight learning curve when you have to dodge the zombies as they move down the building.  Also, I can’t explain how good the game is in detail, so if you’re looking to be completely walked through the game, you might want to maybe check out some of the Xbox’s past zombie games.

I didn’t like the audio of the game very much.  It’s your typical computer game noise, such as computerized beeps and bleeps.  For me, I couldn’t help but feel like there was kind of an absence of personality in the game play itself.  With all the survival horror games nowadays, the survival aspect of the games has been massively downsized and lost somewhere in the background.  There isn’t much concern with being proactive and saving each and every one of your valuable (and not so valuable) lives.

Another big problem is the story itself.  There is a lot of controversy happening regarding this title, as several groups of people are upset about the fact that Isaac Clarke is an unreliable narrator.  For those of you who haven’t had the chance to play the game yet, Isaac Clarke is your faithful partner in your adventure, and he frequently speaks to you while you are deep behind enemy lines.  It eventually became so problematic that they had to step back and air out some of the gripes.

If you overlook the awful graphics, the rest of the game is absolutely watchable.  Dead Space involves a good amount of exploration and fighting, and the game generally does a good job of keeping you interested.  It’s definitely a must experience for any fan of the Survival horror genre.

To this day, there is still no official release date for Dead Space, but we may have to wait a while longer.  It’s sure to be this year’s holiday season, as well as likely contenders for that coveted November motivation.  Is Dead Space going to be that game?  Only time will tell, but I’ll be right there playing it!

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