Facts That Prove skeptics Wrong Every Time

Skeptics are a fickle bunch. They’ll latch onto any new project as soon as a shown up, be it a movie, a song, or even a video game. The feeling of nostalgia flows fast when time starts slowing down. With that in mind, it’s best to understand some of the new facts about some of the less well known upcoming PlayStation 3 games.

I recently visited the Team Gaming Combine at GameStop. All of the new PS3 games were gone.  The only copy they had was of one of the early PS3 games that of course, were Gran Turismo. I, like many others, had bought the game and was deeply impressed. I knew it had decent graphics, and was really fun to play. Hours and hours of fun. The only problem was, it came out of shape.

The disc was scratched to the point where it wouldn’t read any more. Besides, I had bought it for $60 and I thought I would get a decent deal at that.

Snake, I think.

I went back to the store just in time to turn on the television. I zoomed the game in on a TV. The picture was terrible. It was as clear as a bell. I walked away that day, not feeling too impressed.

The next day, I met a friend at work and he brought a PS3 salesman a copy of GT5. I asked him if it had decent graphics. He told me it did actually and that was the only reason he bought it. He had no doubts about it being a great game. I let him buy it.

I waited about a week to see if anyone from the GameStop staff had Called or showed up at my work. They had. One of the employees had gone to the store and obviously got excited because he or she had gotten a bunch of new stock. So there was only one person to show up to work.

I went back to the store. I headed to the electronics section. I asked the guy working the electronics section about purchasing any new PlayStation 3 games. No luck. Someone had told him to check with the GameStop folks and see if they were holding a sale. He decided to call and check.

Wally suggested we check out the new Madden football for PS3. Its May 24th…They are running a sweat-fest sale! I told him that it sounded like a great game and that I’d check it out. Sure enough, he picked up a copy of Madden 11 for $20.75. I bought it.

Now, I had been told by a friend (who didn’t pay much attention) that it was a good game and that it was available for PS3, so I waited. Eventually he got a copy, I called him on his cell, and I found out that he’d bought it for a buddy to play on his new PS3.

The next day, I went back to the store. When I visited the display case with the new football game inside, I noticed that the case itself was colored black and yellow…It didn’t say PS3 on it. Upon looking at the case, I noticed that the cover was scratched. Without going into the store, I walked over to the sink area. I took a can of short grass and scratched the cover surface gently – enough for the grass to stick to the cover!

Now, the game wouldn’t load properly. So, I Activity Logged located the game in the cabinet. After Grounds M anomaly appeared, I cleaned the cabinet (with some contact paper) and found the game neat and nice. It appeared brand new, and was only missing one piece – the cartridge.

I knew that I got the game for $40 or less from the guy who bought it for me. However, I asked him if he had the game in any condition. He said that he actually had it a month ago, but that he misplaced it sometime between the time he acquired it and the time he told me about it. However, he said he absolutely loves the game and plans to get it back in the fall.

So, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever entertaining the thought of he’s bringing it back. However, it gives me great pause to know that there was a simple way to get the game and test it out – right in the case it was engineered to be played on an actual PS3!

 Activity Logging is a superb addition to the suite. You can set up activity for yourself, invite a friend over, or get a group together. Use it to discover new things about the game. And, when you are done exploring your options, you can use the Social Media buttons to share what you discovered to your friends.

I am thrilled with the new PS3 and the PS3 Move.

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