From Toy Story to Toy Story 3

From Toy Story to Toy Story 3

Tim mirrors everything. He looks in a friend’s eyes, he hears a friend’s voice and even knows his taste in music. He’s got so much going on in his head that for the next nine years, he’ll be unable to function without it. Until…The Internet. The L Word. My domain name is and I love it.

So now, I could be arrested for plagiarism, although I haven’t gotten to the point yet where I even think about it. Instead, I use my computer for everything: from work to leisure, from social networks to learning the music on my new Sony Walkman. And every time I do, I look up something new. I never know what will show up; often, it might be a virus, Trojans or spyware. But I try.

One night, while surfing the website, I suddenly found myself on page 3 of the auto-reader. I had no idea how many times this happens to me since I don’t exactly “look up” sites on a regular basis. But this time, it wasn’t random at all. This time, it had a name: “Toy Story 3.”

IAME PAIR: Actually, I’m not sure why Iame PAIR, but whatever. It was catchy and I started to remember all the other names that I had used before. I started to click on the Toy Story 3 bookmark, so that I could go back to my regular pages. But then I got another surprise. As I clicked through the other pages, a giant three-dimensional image of Buzzie the Blue Rhino exploded on the screen right in front of me.

I was hooked. For the next few days, I couldn’t stop checking out the other images – the famous Toy Story 3, the Mega moth hovering in every corner of the room, objects floating around – objects so small and yet seemingly so large. It was a miracle of digital art that I had first stumbled upon a page of hope.

I typed the name of this new publication into Google. And indeed, there it was: Toy Story 3. Looking back, it seems that other sites had even posted mentions of a new film soundtrack, but no one mentioned a page dedicated to Toy Story 3.

Yet, here I was. Carefully backing up images in my iPod, I found the pageaming help file, together with links to three blogs dedicated to the film.

I decided then and there that I’d start again with the Toy Story 3 CD-ROM downloaded. Using the L Word search function, I found the page about 30 seconds of deleted scenes. There was actually a bunch of other deleted scenes, too, just waiting to be saved.

I went on to find the Toy Story 3 DVD and bought it. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me with the Netflix DVD Ripper. I once again found the Toy Story 3 DVD and I now have the complete movie from beginning to end.

What a relief! Now I have the DVD case and DVD player and I can watch Toy Story 3 right from the DVD.

As you can see, even though my tech-reliances depth understanding of the computer systems just crashed a few times over the years, I’m finally getting around to learning about computer software.

Of course, to some people, this might be perplexing since you can buy a computer with as much processing power as you want, they don’t understand why you would need to buy software.

But to me, it makes sense. For example, you might have a cell phone, and you may also be an Internet search engine, or something. Think of the hundreds of little bits of software that make up an operating system. Of course, there are the applications that do all of these things, but you have many more. Your cell phone and PDA may be programmed to remind you of something you said on the phone, or to send you a reminder e-mail…

There’s software that ventures into your financial information, your credit, your investments, your client list, and on up to your health insurance… and on up to your government benefits.

There’s so much more than that, and this is where we get into the area of software as a service.

Software as a Service (SaaS) allows you to use a smoothly working software product, while giving the provider peace of mind, and a platform from which to run their business.

Income tax software (as well as many other applications) allows you to fill out and submit your tax statements online; that is, once you install the software, you don’t have to do anything to produce your returns.

You should be able to do this without interruption, and it will save you time (as well as money) in the long run.

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