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Fun Tapping Games

Fun tapping games are a dime a dozen and some are even low to the ground in the Google Play market. But when something well known and loved by many arrives on the scene, the apps go crazy. Candy Crush Saga is such an app and it has been Building up its Instance Teams! Instance teams are used for specific tasks in the game and it’s earn the occasional reward in terms of coins. They help you during the course of the game to clear the hurdles and increase the experience of the player. They also help during the course of the game and now a days they are making extraordinary profits for the developers.

These cards contain all sorts of inserts such as exclusive cakes, special cards, wallpapers and themes, etc… They are actually very easy to download and also the game can be played offline, as well as online with friends, without the need of the internet. Which means that you can even make cash by just playing it!

While the game craves for new players, it also prides itself on being one of the most accessible to play. It is lacking in the graphics department and not much in the sound department except for the….. belting sound. Your village will be struck by either wanting crowds or a lack of tiles. Your village will create a story according to your ownInterest. The publishers themselves write the stories in apposition to the players themselves. Reading these stories gives the app an element of curiosity that is not easily samplied by other games. The stories have been turned into amusements that feed into the players being pulled out of boredom by them. The combination of the village and the story, feed into the players curiosity of the story behind the village and this will result in players want to know more and delve deeper into the story.

Characters in the game are also very well done. The presentation is probably the best part of this game. The characters are in full 3D form (360) and face unique beherning with unique personalities. All the villages are Breathed in unique style and have the same look of the last “real” village in the game.

The game itself has some unique game play elements. The most unique thing is the turn-based village mode.It has been compared to Final Fantasy Tactics and Unit command. The tap circles on the bottom screen allows you to issue orders for your selected village or attacking village. The more players that have ordered for a village in the turn-based mode, the more likely it is that at least one player will take note of who ordered for what. There is also a village-management game play element in which players will be able to select a village and gradually corner it. If this is done effectively, a player can soon collect resources from the village in exchange for upgrading their village buildings and units. The best part is, this is a village-management game, not a turn-based strategy game. The game guides you through each phase properly.

There are some flaws though. I almost gave up on this game because of the complexity of the game. Building up a village is a complex task and any large village will not take less than a few days to put up. Since you will be queuing for hours on end to build your village, it is inevitable that you will hit some road blocks in the form of resource gathering or CPU consumption. This is why I highly recommend you to play this game in multiplayer mode as there are no advertisements that you have to bypass in order to continue playing the game.

I know this is not enough for a full- quota review, but this game deserves some recognition from our democracy now is it not?

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