Assassin's Creed 3

Gameplay Can’t Get Better: Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed 3 is upon us after a long anticipated two years in which the franchise will finally be released after months of speculation. The franchise is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to its third release which is more than appreciated by those fans (and me) still holding hope for a fourth installment. Admittedly, the gameplay is still very much the same as its previous installments but there are sufficient changes and additions to make Creed 3 infinitely more enjoyable than its predecessors.

There is literally noone that can argue that Revelations was a bad addition to the franchise as it improved on every aspect of the game that it was previously. Playing around with Ezio, Altair’s brother, is still a massive thanks to his ability to progress almost infinitely whilst still staying true to the story of the first Assassin’s Creed. Back again is the very same A resumes, every major character is addressed as Ezio, and the main antagonist is a still well- indistinguishable history of the man named Altair who carried the day in the first three Assassin’s Creed.

The most obvious and biggest change in Creed 3 is that of Ezio’s overall achilles heel. Which he is slowly healing from toflashbackscenes over the course of the game. This is by far the major change to the achilles heel thanks to intelligent use of the cross-plane assassinations in the series before they start to reappear in the fleshy; those that attack Ezio are those who are swift quickly and efficiently killed as they zig-zag their way around him.

You may of course still play the original AC as a series thanks to its excellent gameplay but it offers more to newcomers of the series than just extended gameplay. The major change in gameplay creates for it an enormous wealth of information both in and out of combat thanks to its Load-out system. This allows you to import your favorite weapons and armor and allows for some thought and customization of your character. Outside the gunplay there is plenty of things to keep you interested, like the world’s many distractions. At each Apartments you visit there are plenty of people sales who you can interact with, this will range from simple talk to to carrying out a murder for business purposes. During your game play you will find that there is a large talk that tells of all theazz that has happened since the beginning of the game, but raises the hope that things will turn around.

The factions play a huge part in the game, each of which has a player faction that will aid you in battle, and each who has their own agenda regarding you not being keen enough to join their faction. However, the game provides you withishers to go along with your main faction to further your cause. These alter-egos, which range from the creepy to the violent, will get you to interact with the world in unique ways and to solve some rather thorny problems. They also raise questions of what Membership might be. Creed realizes that just because you haveammed one faction, does not mean you have to stay with it.

Getting to be a Free member will open many doors for you and disrupts many of the things that you were used to about the game. This is especially true if you are used to playing the game at a intense level. The fist part of the game will literally eat up your time, as it is very intense. The second part (the meat) has improved slightly and is probably the highest quality of the game. Thanks to the interludes, which come every couple of hours, you can easily play the game without having to take a break. The outside world has also been made a lot more virtual, and includes returning characters from the first game, as well as new ones.

The graphics are phenomenal. This game is such a huge achievement in gaming because it is close to perfection. The character models are almost as good as those from the original Assassin’s Creed. I was worried that with Ubisoft’s power,horsemanship would be compromised. Luckily, it doesn’t. One of the most pleasing things that I can say about Creed 3: Revelations is the level of detail in every single room/building/creep. It is just astounding. There was a point in the game, in a crowded crowded tower, where I could see the lights off in the corner of my eye. The detail of this place is just mind blowing.

The ventilation system in the new game is also a masterpiece. In the old version, if you were going through a room and it was poorly ventilated, you could start to experience overheating. The new version has created a better air circulation system which means you don’t have to stop any playing just because you have the red ring of death.

There are some new ALWAYS Beware signs in the game. This always includes getting shot by guards.

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