global positioning system

Global Positioning System

Global Positioning System

The technology of Global Positioning System is based on the work of science and technology. The technology also known as Military Satellite Use R&D is used to achieve mapping of the earth’s surface and satellites used it to return an accurate picture of the earth’s surface. A Navigation Satellite System is the use of space based satellites to send signals to the Earth’s surface. These satellites are used for various purposes like imaging, data processing and other crucial information. A Navigation Satellite System has many important benefits. The main reason behind its importance is that it has the capability to send a reaching satellite images and data to the users area which is about 2 million km2 apart.

All space based companies and organizations have been using the Navigation Satellite System TECHNOLOGY (System telecommunication network) since the GPS system was released in the 1970’s. The main reason for the utilization of this technology is that it has been able to reduce the time needed for ship, truck cargo, fuel contractors to get the cargo to its destination. This system has saved many lives by getting the goods from one place to another in a short period of time. In the military area, the navigation satellite system has been vital in the field of command and control.

 Commander of the US Fleet of the Defense Department James Cart ledge says that the NAVCOMSAT system or Cartledge’s Law is vital to the Department of Defense. This system gives the users a comprehensive view of the situation on the sea floor. The data will be able to be used for operating and controlling the ship’s core activities. In the task of humanitarian aid Sending relief supplies to the victims of earthquake, this system has been instrumental in organizing and coordinating the efforts of the different relief organizations. The organization World Food Program works with the government of India and partners these relief organizations to deliver food to the victims of an earthquake. The organization has a system that will be able to provide expert assessment to the organization about the earthquake and its impact on the area.

The Monitoring and Validation Department of the Defense Department works on developing a single source for all the data and information collected by the military satellites. The information collected by these satellites will be used by the Control Flight Terminals Control Center (CFTTC) located at Vandenberg Air Force Base, where the data will be analyzed. The CFTTC is also the organisation that will decide whether or not to send its information to the mission participants.

The remote sensing technologies have also been important in other fields. The technology has been used to measure the physical, technological, and organizational changes taking place in the huge number of conflict zones. The information gathered will be used in planning and strategy to reduce the risks and dangers to the lives of the innocent people. Human nature is a robust thing that will pose great challenges to any leader or country. And so, it is very important to resolve conflicts through peaceful means. The use of drones by the army and the navy is another step towards achieving peace.

Drones are soon becoming a part of our daily routine. Nano Bots are already available in our planet and we are expecting them to stay here among us for a while. “They don’t conform to the human idea of what is possible. Drones are here to stay and we are not going to stop them. “The main challenge is to ensure that the machines do not get involved in military operations or domestic ones.

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