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Haier HLT10 10.2-Inch Handheld TV, Black

Finding an excellent portable TV today seems somewhat more challenging than it did fifteen years ago, as TVs have grown hugely in size. The Haier, the 10.2-inch hand, held TV is both portable and easy to set up and use.

Inbuilt digital-ready tuner means that this TV can be used out of the box as long as it is connected to a suitable antenna or is used in the right signal area. It takes only a short time to scan through the channels the first time, and beyond that, the channels can be navigated using the small remote control.

An AC adapter allows you to power and to charge the TV from a wall socket, after which it will run on battery for around two and a half hours. There is an in-car adapter also included and let you run the TV in the car, which is useful for long journeys when hooked up to a DVD player for the kids to watch.

There are several features on this TV that are particularly nice. The first is the channel memory. Once you have scanned your channels into the set for over the air use with an antenna, you can switch to a cable connection without losing the previous settings. You need to switch to cable in the menu before scanning again, and it allows you to switch as often as you need without having to scan again when using the TV in those same areas.

The screen on this is matte, which is somewhat unusual compared to many mobile LCD screens today. These reduce the glare when used in brighter light and make the screen a little more usable outside because reflections don’t obliterate the picture. The slightly rubbery case is also excellent as it makes the TV feel secure when you are holding it.

On the downside, the antenna that ships with the TV fails in most situations, with the signal it brings in being poor and unwatchable. However, connecting it to an amplified indoor antenna is enough to bring good signal strength-enough that the pixelation and picture breakdown was minimal. Using the set as a TV in the car didn’t work out well because the car moves in and out of sound signal, leading to frequent loss of picture. But in a tent or a stationary RV, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Picture controls are lacking, with the only available settings being ‘cool,’ ‘normal,’ or ‘warm.’ This means that you cannot control the color balance more finely and have to accept whatever fits best. It isn’t always a realistic color, but the picture is otherwise sharp and of good quality.

That is a tiny TV and will never be the quality of a larger TV. Nor does it try to. But for an incredibly portable TV, this is the ideal set, having a sharp picture that is very watchable and easy and fast to set up and use.

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