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Halo 3 ODST – Different Perspective But Still Great Game Play

There, they must fight their way through dozens of Zombies and enemies from the first Halo to reach the central installation that will allow the group to escape Earth.

One of the new features in Halo 3 ODST is the capability of the rookie characters to wield covenant weapons. Since so many of the weapons in the Halo universe are Covenant designs, this addition gives the new players a chance to fight with the powerful beings that the game has been depicting since the beginning.

Another new development is the use of pickup and swap gaming tactics. Rather than seeking out enemies on the battlefield, gamers can instead search crime scenes for valuable items that can be used to solve a mystery. Players can even raid crime scenes for money to finance their quest. If the rookie soldiers find a useful item, it is suggested that they keep it for themselves rather than sell it to add to the collection, so that they have a reason to fight.

One of the most valuable new features is the use of sprint in the game. Sprint lets the character run across the sand, up buildings, and into vents to escape the enemy fire. Not only is sprint essential for this type of movements, but it also enhances the mobility of the characters.

The firefight game play also differs from the previous series, as the new characters must rely more on melee attacks to fight their enemies. For example, Rookie Commander Hammer storm is able to rend upon the Covenant forces in mid-air, and use his gravity hammer to blunder his enemies straight into ground troops.

 Morality plays a much more prominent role in Halo 3 ODST, as the side missions include important objectives to accomplish prior to the main storyline. Even the major campaign tasks have secondary objectives that branch out into many other smaller missions, which the crew must accomplish in order to complete their task.

One of the most exciting new features is the array of weapons featured throughout the campaign in addition to the plasma pistols that the characters use for defense. Players first encounter the fully automatic knife that is effective up close, and can rip through infantry units that are close to plasma pistol fire. Then, the player will encounter the down-hold rifle, which offers more accurate accuracy to the player but sacrifices damage gun accuracy, as the rifle calmly takes over the role of the main battle rifle.

After the campaign is over, an energy shield that reduces damage caused by explosions will drop down on the entire campaign, except for the final mission. Additionally, the shield will break after twenty seconds, allowing other actors to take damage. This leaves the player vulnerable for Covenant attacks, but the shield can be recharged in many ways.

The prominently feature in ODST’s campaign is the inclusion of intelligent enemies that change their tactics from time to time. The Grunts seem to specialize in dug in for an ambush, which means they won’t stand still and are more likely to charge. If you are able to kill a Grunt weak, it will reduce its mobility and leave it exposed for all to see.

The tornadoes that will appear throughout the campaign will heavily damage both aircraft and infantry. Several are even capable of producing large amounts of both shields and rounds to produce an impairing effect on the player. Both aircraft and infantry can also be fitted with explosives to deal heavy damage on the aircraft they attack.

The inclusion of new pistol shooting shoulder buttons for enabling extra targeting capabilities does add some depth to the combat, as players may have to take cover when fighting multiple enemies.

The campaign seems to lack the epic feel of Halo Reach, as no planet plays as a character in its campaign. Halo 3: ODST’s campaign is focused on the ODSTs, as opposed to the multiplayer experience seen in Halo Reach. Players still return to rescue a decapitated ODST pinned in the rubble of the High Charity.

So far, it seems there are more weapons and armor available than in Halo 3, as Bungie teases, “the secrets you’ll want to discover in the coming days”.

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