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High Tech Outdoor Pursuits

Whilst the weather is still nice, many people are looking to find ways to get them and the family outside outdoor pursuits. For some people this is easier said than done, because some kids-especially older children-just want to sit inside and play on their computer, or games machine all day long. The idea of getting out for some fresh air is simply unappealing.

Thanks to modern technology, getting yourself and the more reluctant amongst you outside is easier than ever. There are now a wide range of gadgets that can help to entertain and keep you comfortable whilst you enjoy the nicer weather.

One of the most common gadgets in use today is sat nav. Satellite navigation systems can be either built into your dash board or mounted on or near it. It is placed in a position that does not block the drivers view but is easy to glance across at, and means that even the least confident driver can tackle a road trip to go and see somewhere new.

Similar to the sat nav system are geocaching devices for hikers. These require coordinates to be fed into them, and are then used to help you navigate your way to a particular spot. There is normally a record book securely hidden there to sign with your geocaching call sign and the date that you found it.

A relaxing day at the beach can be made all the more fun with a few take along devices. A solar powered ice maker will help you keep your drinks cold and refreshing all day long, whilst other devices will protect your entertainment devices.

A self deploying buoy that can be attached to your keys will protect them from being lost by activating when it hits the water, keeping them on the surface and visible rather than sinking to the bottom. Waterproof housings are even available to protect your USB flash drive, so that your files stay safe whilst floating with your keys on their buoy.

Even your iPad can be made safe with a waterproof cover. Numerous eBook readers are available with special eInk that is as clear in bright sunlight as printed text is. This means that you can have your entire library at your command on the beach! Solar powered iPod speakers can ensure that you have a constant stream of  beautiful music to sunbath to, whilst you read a book. Solar powered chargers can supply power to all of the devices that you may have with you.

Come evening time there is no need to retreat to the indoors just because the sun has gone down. If you set out your solar powered lights in the daytime then come night they will be fully charged and ready to go. Electronic mosquito traps can keep you safe from the itch causing bugs thanks to their special lights and sounds, with some even having special CO2 gas release to make them even more attractive.

It’s clear to see that this summer time, there is no need to lose touch with your high tech world just because you want to take a day trip or get some fresh air. Instead, modern gadgets can help you to bring all the comforts of home to the great outdoors.

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