How To Make Your PC Faster

How To Make Your PC Faster

Are you looking for ways to make your computer faster? There are many ways to address your slow PC, although you may lack the knowledge required to do so. Because there is such a vast array of unique problems affecting people, you will need to determine which of these methods will work for you.

Uninstalling Unnecessary Programs

The most common way to make your computer faster, is to remove any programs that you no longer use. Sometimes, there may be an application that you accidentally installed that is actually causing the problem. If so, you can switch to a different program, or even uninstall the program through the normal means.

Clearing Hard Drive of Duplicate Data

Hard drive duplication may also be the cause of your PC’s slow performance. Once you have deleted the files from your hard drive, there may be data lurking there that you never realized was there. The problem lies when you decide to use that data and not storing it in the proper place. By erasing the extra files, you free up more space and allow your computer to run at its top speed.

Upgrading the Memory

The other reason your computer is slow is probably because of the amount of unnecessary programs you have installed. Each one of these programs data, and like the stack of cards in a deck of cards, this will slow your computer down. However, there may be times where you have to install a new program with that purpose in mind. If you do not have the memory space to accommodate the new software, it will cause your computer to slow down even more.

Removing Temporary Files

There are times when you will not need those browsers that you have installed. Instead, you may only need the one that you are currently using. You can find the programs you need by using the “Start” menu. Once you are on the Start menu, choose “Programs” and then “Accessories”. Then, click the “System” and chose “System Services”. After that, click “Services”. The column should be filled with the name of the program that you are using.

Right Click on the Properties and choose “View” from the menu. Then, check the box that states “Hide all Microsoft Services” and then click “Apply”.

To make your computer run faster, you should remove the unnecessary programs. Once you have taken them out of your computer, you should remove them again from the “Programs and Features” window.

Avoid Registry Restore

The Registry is great storage for info. However, it is sometimes the case that it is corruption due to viruses. Think of it as a library, and picture a disorganized library. This will be similar to the registry of your computer. The number of files will be fewer, and the better organized they are, the less likely you are to find problems. However, the registry of your computer is not organized in the same way as a regular library. That is why it is not so easy to fix the errors that may exist in your computer’s registry.

There are some simple ways to optimize the registry. However, when you perform these steps, make sure that you backup any files you are going to restore, just in case it doesn’t work and you need your backup copy.

 Try Using a Registry Cleaner

Registry cleaners are software programs designed to clean out the registry. What they do is scan the registry for errors and potential programs that clutter up the system. After the scan, most programs will provide you with information of potential programs that you can choose to remove.

You can find many registry cleaners on the Internet and pay for one.

Use System Restore

System Restore is a utility tool that can sometimes be access directly from the operating system. This means that you can backup your registry contents directly from this program. System Restore will backup your registry even if it is empty, which can save you a lot of time. However, it is not as fully featured as System Tool in allowing you to backup your files. System Tool allows you to backup only your packages.

There are other third party products on the market that can help with the cleaning process of the registry. Take a look on the internet and find out which of these products is the best for your situation.

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