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How to Protect Your Identity From Theft

The recent and explosive growth of the Internet and technology has brought many good things such as e-commerce, collaborative computing, online markets and new avenues of sharing and distributing information. But each side has its counterpart, and with the technological advances came hackers. With this dark side and the many security breaches that are associated with it, companies, governments and individuals are afraid of hackers breaking into their servers or networks, stealing valuable data, collecting passwords and securing sensitive files.

And many times this can become reality. Recently, there has been a flurry of security breaches among large financial banking  institutions, that reported a security breach on their Web site that let loose the credit-and debit-card information for 15,700 customers. Another recent hacker case is a 16-year-old youth, who admitted hacking into military and Department of Defense computers to steal such confidential information as nuclear launch codes and eavesdropping secrets. His activities caused a three-week shutdown of government computer networks.

Another widely spread attack is among large birth-control clinics, which store knowledge of mothers’ ages, days of pregnations and so forth, on files that can be easily hacked by anyone with ill intentions.

These are only a few of the attacks that allow hackers to steal information from people and organizations, but they are not the only ones. The list goes on, as there are thousands of different types of hacking that exist and every type of criminal activity is represented by one or more of the hundreds of hackers that specialize in different areas of computer security.

It is important to protect your own computer by installing anti-virus software, spyware removal tools and firewall programs on your machine. However, the single and most important program to run whenever you turn on your computer is software that allows you to surf the Internet with your IP address hidden. This is known as anti-virus software, and those that offer free versions are just not worth your money.

Many Internet providers have started to provide services to their customers in order to prevent these hackers from going through with their dirty plans. This may include ip filtering software that blocks your computer’s IP address from other computers in the same internet network. This could save you from getting attacked yourself. And if you are a businessperson, you may not want to risk putting your clients in a compromising situation.

This is why many businesses have started to pay for a service that allows their users to surf the net anonymously without sacrificing their quality of service. This way they can protect their clients, their assets and their reputation. More are always better, especially when it comes to valuable information that can hurt a lot in a bad way.

This is why businesses that use this service are gradually emerging and gaining credibility. They offer services that guarantee safety of your identity and your private files. Using a reliable IP hiding software and a spoofed router will make things difficult for hackers, and you can even choose from multiple hide IP programs that will suit your needs. Remember that anonymity is very important when it comes to computer security. Therefore, don’t compromise yourself by getting yourself a cheap or free service. You can download the programs and become safe and protected.

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