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How Will My Customers Know My Online Store Is Safe to Shop At?

Setting up an online store can seem daunting, especially if you are starting from scratch and do not think you are an internet expert. However, the important thing is that one must never be negative when it comes to doing something on the internet. It may seem difficult at first, but as each hurdle is passed it can become a lot simpler. E-commerce has evolved a lot and you can open up your store to massive traffic and business.

Reaching your customers requires you to give them what they want. This may be in the form of free or paid survey, or an option to download your products. However, what is required is something that you can demonstrate, in a clear and honest way, that you can be trusted to use and that your business is reliable.

How to get people to trust your website?

If you have your own website then you can run a web search and find a lot of online stores that would be easy to trust. You may have a few concerns. How would I know that I am looking at a safe website? I might be asking myself this as well. Well, you can start by checking to see if your website shows up in any reliable and well-known online stores. If you don’t find well-known stores listed then you can do a quick search for your niche in search engines and make sure that pops up in the search.

Other ways to know that you have a secure website is when a customer goes to pay and goes to a page where they can put in their security questions. These questions will help you secure your website so that your customers can feel comfortable about purchasing from you. Certain websites have been set up to protect you and your customers from electronic copy-cat, but you don’t want this to deter you from making your own website. So, go ahead and make sure that your website shows up when someone goes to pay and answer security questions.

Make sure that you give your customers what they want so that they will not have to worry about crime and will have good things to do. You will surely make more sales if you make sure that your website is secure.

Steer clear of affiliate programs.

Many times, afterwards, you will see that the people offering to help you are asked to do very little. They will not set up a secure website themselves and will not assist you in getting one. What is worse is that they will recommend products that they make themselves. This is yet another hint that you are dealing with scam artists.

Can you trust trustworthy sites for your e-commerce needs?

If you are looking for a safe and reliable e-commerce site then you can talk to some of the people who have already joined in. By and large, these people have played it right and will not be joining your program. It is better to pass on something like that than give your hard earned cash to someone who asks a lot of personal questions.

The people who reply are genuine and they are looking for a good, long term business. When you decide to go ahead, make sure that you read all the fine print and that you understand the terms of any agreement before you sign up. Otherwise, you may find that in due course you find that you have signed up to a fraudulent program.

There are a good number of reliable and honest company websites that would love to help you. However, they simply do not have the capacity or the time to look into every single order that comes through. They will, however, check on orders that they think are fraudulent and send them to the organisation requesting them.

Be wary of customers who send e-mails requesting information from you.

Is this information request to verify your account?

It is probable that this is not a genuine request but is designed to lure you into giving out your personal information. Do not reply to these e-mails as is, as it is just designed to be annoying and bait you. If you have time, go and call the bank that issued your credit card to see if they sent you any e-mails.

E-mail travel agency websites cannot be trusted.

When going through your order, look for little checks like “ISO 27001 certified”, “Californian Made”, “URL approved”. You will also find warnings like “No fodder for phishing”“. If imposed, these will boost your confidence that the order is legitimate.

Finally, once you have confirmed that an order is legitimate, make sure that you call that Wells Fargo representative, or any other Wells Fargo representative that is needed. Uh, no refunds, and no exceptions to the policy, can be made except in very rare cases, and then only if the case is hopeless.

I hope that these suggestions help. Better to protect your investment than anyone else.

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