samsung galaxy s II

In-Depth Guide to Samsung Galaxy S II

In-dept guide to Samsung Galaxy S II. Samsung has been one of the toughest competitors for Apple in the smartphone market. Indeed, they have managed to deliver advanced technological solutions for modern electronics consumers. One of their breakthrough products is the Samsung Galaxy S II. This incredible smartphone has attempted (and succeeded!) to knock off Apple from the top of this competition.

If you are interested at how well Galaxy S II has performed and can deliver, it is important to have an in-depth look into its features. This Android device is powered by the Gingerbread OS that ensures all of the applications included into the device are useful, fast, and updated. But first, it is important to check the design and appearance of this device. The first thing that you would notice is probably its size. It is small in form and also lightweight. However, this shouldn’t be enough consideration to take the Samsung Galaxy S II lightly as the manufacturers claim this is the best smartphone they have developed yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S II comes with a beautiful design such that it will look as if the body has been hand-carved. It is hard to believe that it’s made of plastic. The screen size of the Super AMOLED plus screen is at 4.3 inches and is the most responsive screen you will probably encounter after Apple’s iPhone 4. Aside from the fact that this is touchscreen, it is pin-sharp in quality and the colors are as natural as possible such that watching images and videos on-screen make them come to life in a vivid manner. This is also extremely lightweight with less than 116 grams in total weight. Hence, it does not feel flimsy or too bulky when you place it on your pocket, adding more to the portability of this smartphone device.

The controls of the Galaxy S II’s touchscreen are definitely its most notable feature. There is a single menu button assigned on the hardware to make it easy to use and operate.  You will find this button located directly beneath the screen. Meanwhile, a power button is situated on the right side and you will find the volume adjust button on the left. All of the essential buttons are placed strategically so it won’t interfere with the other basic functions on this smartphone.

A micro SD slot is available on the Samsung Galaxy S II that can support up to 32GB in space. Hence, you can store as many photos, videos, music, and other types of files onto this smartphone. It is therefore one of its breakthrough features that has managed to overcome the iPhone. You will also be pleased with the battery life of this phone that it can last for one full day even when you utilize its multimedia functions.

Speaking of multimedia, you will be surprised with how much the Samsung Galaxy S II can do. It comes with an 8-MP camera in the back and 2-MP camera in the front. Meanwhile, it is powered by the dual-core Cortex CPU for a speedy performance. It also outdoes other smartphones with a full 1080i HD support so you can experience astonishing quality on your video playback. The same fast and capable browsing experience is available on this smartphone when you want to surf online.

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