Knowing Your TF2 Medic Weapons

Knowing Your TF2 Medic Weapons

Since the Medic weapons are supposed to be classed as Discrets, it can be tricky to know exactly what your Medic can use and when. With this guide, you will be shown on what types of weapons are available to you and your Medic, when playing the game TF2.

But first, you should know that if you are a Medic, it is possible for you to be killed in the game. You can be killed by an enemy that is a lot higher that you or you can be killed by a stab to the back which is obtained through an enemy that you can easily stab. Any of these could happen to you any time throughout the game.

Some of the builds are for offensive damage while some are more suitable for protection. This means that you can build weapons that are intended to be used by the Medic and to also increase your own survivability.

The Sniper is a weapon that is deadly at close range but a bit more difficult to control. To use this weapon right, you need to control your sight and aim it towards the enemy. This will allow you to have precision when firing your weapon. When you cannot see your enemy, it is possible to aim it towards the direction he is facing.

Another powerful weapon is the Frontier Justice. This weapon shoots explosive charges that are launched from a dispenser at enemies. When you fire this weapon, be sure to charge it to make it fire faster. It is best used when you are fighting against light armored opponents or opponents who are running away.

The Kritzkrieg is a weapon used to interrupted an enemy spell caster. To use this weapon, one context is needed. First, you need to celebrate like you normally would by pressing the down arrow. This celebration will allow you to perform the super move, in which you will zoom into the enemy and then turn him into a bunch of bubbles that will interrupt his casting. The effectiveness of the Kritzkrieg will depend on when you use it. When you are in a base with a lot of opponents, you will probably want to use the Kritzkrieg to stop them from teleporting away when they are low on health.

The weapon that you should probably use is the sapper because it is more reliable. However, when you are sapped, you will not be able to move your character much so you may want to use the Over Boots to walk to the enemy instead.

When you are playing exclusively against the same class, you will notice that they will fall into two categories depending on whether you are playing on a Team Play or Versus match. If you play on a team play game, you may want to use the Heavy depending on the amount of opponents you have.

You will want to use the sapper when playing Team Play as it can be very effective when used correctly. The key is to use it when your enemy is moving so that when you plant it, you can time it right before you are about to be killed. If you want to play Versus mode, you will want to stay away from the sapper as you won’t use it very often and the enemy will most likely get to use it as well.

You should watch how much time your enemy has been Cooldowning and sapping if you find it necessary. It is usually not a good idea to use the sapper early in the game when your enemy has more health. As a general rule of thumb, the sapper is best used in combination with the Medivac. It is a good idea to use the sapper when you have the advantage in the game and you are planning to use the Medivac.

It is a good idea to use the sapper when you are earning points because you will be doing it nonstop throughout the entire round. When your enemy is earning points, it is sending the wrong message to them. You can try going for the intelligence when you need to earn points.

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