League Game Review

League Game Review

League of Legends (LoL) is an  online multi-player game … sort of like Battlefield Heroes . Its somewhat based on the same Battlefield game itself in terms of  having a team of 3 players call the shots on  objectives and whatnot, and then it has a rune system sort of system, where you have to sort  of grab the runes to get points, you do this by  killing the enemies many times, then you get to split the points that you get.

I do have some complaints on the game, one of them is that it maybe could have been more like a 1vs1 game instead of its current state that is what it is, a pretty stable FPS, I would have  liked to see the game in full HD, with walls and structures like those in Modern Warfare 1 and 2, also would have wished for a bigger map maybe, but  what do you really, besides aspiring better crowd, have nothing to worry about when playing it.

LoL is one of the few games that actually makes me think “I’ve actually played this game before”, when I played it again to get the high scores I got most of my. info from LoL I never played dota (Defense of the Ancients) I have just watched it being played by a friend of mine, I have watched it grow over the years into a very large game with as many as 30+ million players and still growing. It could have been Dota that I missed playing and it would have been a lot of fun to play.

Eventually blizzard (the company that Blizzard is making the game for) wants to make the game more of a Blizzard style “RPG” as it is now, while keeping it’s own twists and turns, you can tell from the dota talk on the forums coming from LoL’s popularity, that it will be pretty similar to Diablo, if you have played it.

So blizzard has finally, if only accidentally, managed to create a game, that is almost a copy of Dota, by accident (or is it?) So how will LoL be different from Dota? Simple, it’s not going to be like Dota, it has some very key differences. One is the rune system. If you  as a player, want to make some quick, powerful, gaves you can pick up different runes while down  mid game to give you a boost. You will have to think carefully about how you want to distribute your runes between your characters.

The other big difference is AI and team play. Playing against human testers is no joke at all, it is very tricky, that is why this game is a lot like dota, the computer is going to be smart but also cunning and wicked. They know when you are a spy, they are patterns that are common in every hero you have played with, they know how to work the game to their advantage and make you fail. They also know how to sneak past your heroes and mischief make the game to your advantage, again I may be talking about a beta version game. All of this will be very complex once the game comes out and I imagine it will be much more then I was willing to mention.

The simple fact is that this game is different. It is very complex and creative an in game solution to all the issues Starcraft had and it will have issues with people using it but as long as it is the number one ranked free game on the web, who cares?

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