Linux Vs Linux

Linux Vs Linux

The disks that we buy these days do come with a OS on them but it’s typically just the generic “Microsoft Windows” which most folks are familiar with but some have had issues with.  The truth is, there are a number of other operating systems out there that are free or free and accurate but you would be far rarer to find someone who is familiar with these than with Windows.  So what are the pros and cons of each?

For a single user or a small business, if you intend to do heavy data work, a Linux or a BSD based system is generally the best choice.  The beauty of the Linux world is that with a small amount of money you can buy a machine and do virtually anything you want with it.  Some machines are shipped with a BSD OS or even DOS, making a comparable system on a somewhat comparable level.

At the other end of the spectrum the cost of a Windows based machine can be frightening and for many makes it inflexible to move around to an alternative system.  However, a Linux based machine can be tailored to my needs or specified exactly to my liking.  Many have real time Linux KPI tooling and increasingly are aligned to the open source community providing open source support for the platforms they use.

I use Linux exclusively for my videos, editing HD and DVR recordings as well as my graphics design work for a living.  Linux is the best for my uses and I would recommend it to everyone with a PC.  It is the best for web design and development because of the tremendous portability of the platform, the ability to multi-task and most importantly, it is free.

Linux is also incredible for medical imaging.  I use it for my work in Hospitals and have worked with saved Radiology images for 20 years.  I’ve been able to perform imaging and NVIDIA graphic design for some time now and have found an amazing utility called notebook that allows you to seamlessly compress ad imaging files into a folder on your computer.  Not only is there a Stream star right after the image, but you can compress it into your iPhone or other such device and view it on the handheld device.  The Corruption detection is spectacular and the animation pack is incredible.  A couple of other anti-piracy companies offer notebook for around $40.00 but I have never had a problem.

I highly recommend using Linux if you are going to use a computer for any reason at all and most families and users are doing so.  Many people are using Microsoft Windows but as I said before, if you have a PC I would highly recommend Linux because it is free and it’s getting more support.  Linux is amazing and is constantly evolving through the support of individual Linux users and developers, but for the most part the code is maintained by large corporations, so the software is getting more and more stable.  Furthermore, because Linux is open-source, programmers from all over the world contribute to the programming of Linux numerous software programs, which makes the operating system just as compatible with other software from other companies.  Looking at the new Jerusalem 2-in-1 from Synnimal, which is Linux running off a Windows host, and the Google Chrome andknOxleybitPLNXin1 from Synnimal, I think it’s safe to say that Linux is in fact becoming the dominant desktop OS.

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