Through much of the 1990’s Linux was the only choice for a desktop system. Linux had become the kernel of choice for those who wanted to create a system of their own. In the early days of computing Linux was too costly to use as a desktop system. Linux was still an operating system to be taken lightly. However, with the release of the mid 1990’s two major changes happened. First there was an increase in the development of Linux, and secondly hardware performance improved considerably. This meant that in theory Linux was now a viable option for users who had previously been left out due to lack of hardware. specifically the more powerful x86 CPUs were now available. Also following this was the second development of the ORACLE operating system, which was used on most of the new x86 CPUs. This new system was to try and entice people away from Windows and utilize Linux as a alternative.

Linux has in fact become one of the most widely used operating systems on the planet. It has good performance features and provides a lot of functionality that other operating systems do not have. Some notable features are multi-threading, buy RAM (page file), Doesn’t need a lot of hard drive space, X Windows, GNOME and KDE integration, message queues, and many more. As such, Linux is now possibly the most widely used operating system on the planet.

What is Linux

The Linux operating system is actually the kernel. The Linux system consists of The Kernel, development tools, development server, packages and other related projects. The protocol for communication between the different projects consists of the kernel. The kernel contains the code and used by the other projects. Linux can be installed on most new x86 systems. Some Linux systems can be installed on other hardware such as floppy drives and CD-ROMs. Another issue is that some Linux viruses and spyware are not yet accountable for many of the problems people encounter.


Windows is the most common operating system. It is used on most computers. There are two different versions of Windows. A full version is used on all new computer systems, and a Windows 95 Plus version is required to run 95 Plus versions of Windows. A Windows 98 is available for those that need better protection. There are some densely added features on Windows, which are Class dimension, ActiveX, Database, and Microsoft Outlook. Though Windows is good, it may undergo flash freezes from time to time.

What is different about Linux

1. Some people don’t like Linux because it’s not a very intuitive environment, IDE, or GUI.

-It’s very configurable, so the configurability can be lost.

2. Some people say that Linux is difficult to install, especially on netbooks that have limited resources.

-Linux is hard to install if your computer has limited resources. On a netbook, the computer must be Fast Enough. With Linux, you can plug in cards or other resources.

3. Linux is more secure in the sense that it has less bad data with the operating system.

4. Linux is for experts that don’t want to learn a new operating system every time.

5. Some people say that Linux is hard to uninstall, and extremely difficult if you don’t have the right resources.

-But if you don’t have the resources, then what do you do?

How Do I Get Linux

Do I have to buy Linux CD or download Linux?

If you have broadband internet connection, you can download Linux into a bootable area on your computer. This is useful for people with computers that are based from one place.

You can boot into Linux by doing these things:

–              Making a boot disk that can be put in a CD or USB

–              Download a bootable Linux ISO that will boot on a certain computer

–              Use rescue console to reboot your computer

BEST java computer java server is an operating system based on Java, the server side web server, and a virtual machine manager, with resource management, enhanced networking, dynamic classloading and supercharge capabilities. It accumulates the power of a single server to deliver Web-based applications and services.

WEBapps 2.0 is a technology that helps you combine web applications with transactional applications. It enables smart web applications to beprint resources and extend across geographies.

JAVA is an object-oriented, reliability, and object-oriented architecture for Java and Portable Document Format applications.

It combinesOpenGL and JavaGL for 2D and 3D graphics, Web application development, advanced low-level operation, and easy cross-platform implementation.

It has integrated extensibilityand versatility throughout the system.

It has reusable componentsand easy to use APIs.

It has a component based approach that simplifies the process of developing, maintaining, and deploying web applications.

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