Logitech K350

Logitech K350 2.4Ghz Wireless Wave Keyboard

The Logitech K350 wireless keyboard from Logitech is ergonomically designed. It is designed to ease the hands and wrists’ strain when typing and give wireless convenience to your keyboard. And-it looks good too.

A learning curve does, unfortunately, apply to this keyboard. Merely being an ergonomically shaped keyboard, typing is slightly different from when typing on a flat keyboard. Your wrists’ position is different, and the part that your fingers must be held in is also other, and when you touch-type, you need to know that your fingers are in the right place to strike the right key.

This keyboard curve isn’t as extreme as some are, which means that it is far easier to get into use. It took only a matter of half an hour or so until typing became more comfortable, and within a day, the slow down in typing that the switch caused was gone entirely. Beyond that time, typing speed began to increase to a little faster than on the straight keyboard, as the movements are far more natural than having to twist one’s wrists slightly to reach the keys.

Padded wrist support is also included and built into the keyboard. That is a nice feature when working at a desk, but it is even more useful if you are working with the keyboard on your lap because it gives you something to rest your hands.

When running wireless devices, there is a tendency to run out of USB ports to plug into the receivers. Logitech has thankfully introduced a unifying receiver that allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously through the same receiver and port. It will take up to six devices at once, including mice, full keyboards, and number pads. Of course, this does mean that you are locked into only buying Logitech wireless devices if you want to use this feature, but since they work well together and don’t tie up your USB ports, it is a sacrifice worth making.

Battery life is impressive. The specs promise up to three years worth of battery life; this, of course, is based on average usage. But it does mean that even a heavy user of the keyboard should get a good battery life without worrying about it dying on them or having to scramble to find new batteries suddenly.

There are several hotkeys on the keyboard that are designed to control various media functions on your computer. These take a little getting used to, mainly when you use the mouse to select media functions on the screen instead of reaching for a short cut button. However, once you are used to the keyboard layout, they make it far faster and easier to get for your looking features. Some of the shortcut keys can even be set up to offer the functions you choose, meaning that you can have the most important things as a shortcut. The Logitech wireless K350 keyboard is an excellent way to lose some of the wires that tend to clutter a computer desk and to save yourself some pain in the hands and wrists at the same time. With a quality build feel to it, it is comfortable and easy to use.

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