upgrading computer memory

Maximize Your Computer By Upgrading Computer Memory

Maximize your computer by upgrading computer memory. RAM plays very important roles in our computer’s day to day operation, from opening and storing files download videos, mp3s, PDF files or docs, running software programs and playing computer games. The memory of our PC is accessed right from the second it starts up, and will be used in anything the computer does, from programs there in the task bar and the computer’s very own operating system.

If you have been using your computer for quite some time, then you most likely have noticed  it is slowing down, freezes up, or locks up when using particular software programs. This problem is common among all computers, especially if it has been in service for a couple of years or more. You can always overhaul your computer or purchase better and bigger memory storage capacity, which can cost you some money. Or you can do some twisting and tweaking to invigorate and improve your computer memory.

If you don’t have the luxury of spending hundreds of dollars to overhaul your computer, then follow these easy steps in upgrading computer memory of your PC:

Shut Down Properly – It is very important that you shut down your computer properly before you deal with any hardware inside it. Unplug the power cord from the outlets and the monitor cable from the back of the PC’s tower.

Open and Unscrew – Open your computer case by unscrewing the holding screws from the side panel. Then, slide out the panel smoothly.

Examine – Inspect the type of memory installed in your PC, how much you already have in there and the number of slots available for upgrades. Tabs hold the RAM/RAMs in place.  To remove the attached chip, you have to slide the tab over and pull it straight out smoothly. Examine the chip, its type, size and speed.

If you’re thinking of replacing the chip, make sure you take the smallest chip off before replacing new ones. Available slots will let you install new chip alongside with the existing ones. Also, you can wipe and clean the RAM for smoother run.

Install – Memory can seat into its slot only one way, so make sure you have lined it up properly before locking its tab into place. Lock the tab properly until you hear a ‘click’ sound into place.

Run The Memory – After putting everything back into place, restore the plugs and video cords back in your computer and start it back again. The memory will automatically read on the screen’s start-up. There’s no need to install new software to run it again, and no drivers and configurations needed for normal operation, as RAM is a plug and play type of hardware.

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