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Mobile Applications To Protect Your Phone

Mobile applications to protect your phone. Mobile apps for smartphones are possibly the world’s most famous pieces of software. With downloadable apps, smartphone customers can do about anything with their mobile phones. From visiting social media sites to star gazing, etc., there’s an app for just about everything you can imagine. Smartphones today are taking technology to a whole new level, making these apps almost necessary parts of our daily living.

There can be variety of apps you can download to your phone, from gaming apps, to recreational and educational apps, to professional tools, etc., with roughly 1.5 million downloadable apps available in the market today.  About the only things you can’t find apps for is doing the dishes and the laundry!

The ability to connect to the internet is perhaps the most significant advancement of smartphone technology. Since the integration of 3G, 4G and 5G into mobile phones and the development of crazy fast broadband internet with very affordable rates, people can now browse the internet, check their emails and communicate with their loved ones and friends in social media platforms while having a coffee in a WIFI hotspot coffee shop. Today, more and more people depend more upon their mobile phones than their computers for daily activities. Portability is what makes smartphones popular to people from all walks of life.

However, like computers, browsing the internet with your mobile phone also exposes your phone to invasive and destructive viruses, which might not just corrupt your files, but also expose your privacy and some important information you stored in your phone, such as credit card number, etc. Viruses and malware like Trojans and other malicious software are a common cause of headache among smartphone users. Compared to desktop and laptop PC, the motherboards and processors of mobile phones are significantly more sensitive to these invasive viruses. You may not know it, but the WIFI you’re connecting to exposes your phone to spywares and viruses.

There’s nothing much you can do when you get your phone damaged by these invasive elements. Your last hope to save your phone is to reformat and have it fixed by the professionals. However, this can cost you big in the long run, especially if you get your phone busted often.

Your best chance to protect your phone from this problem is to equip it with a competitive virus and spyware protection app. Here are 3 of the most popular mobile phone security apps in the market today:

Phone Spam Blocker – This app blocks and logs all spammy and annoying calls and text messages from maddening telemarketers and reports them to authorities.

Lookout Mobile Security – perhaps the most downloaded protective for smartphones app today. It includes a built-in locator that allows you to ping your phone and activate the siren, which can be very helpful if you misplace or lose your phone.

Super Security – maybe less powerful than ‘Lookout’ but includes real anti-virus features such as malware removal, quarantine folders, strongbox and upgrades, making it a very competitive anti-virus software.

Equip your smartphone with one of more of these programs and save yourself from the hassles of virus problems, text spammers and malware.

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