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Multi Use Devices Becoming More Common

Multi use devices becoming more common. We’ve seen an increase in recent years in the number of add-on that are now available for our smartphone. There are keyboards and wireless headsets, to allow us to type for longer and in greater comfort whilst listening to music in comfort. Others may simply aid the charging and portability of the device, but increasingly common are the extensions that bring more computing functionality to the smartphone.

The smartphone has the wonderful potential to be a powerful, mobile computing device. Current models being released often have specs as high as a 1.5ghz dual core processor, and 1gb or more of memory. This puts them only a little behind the power of a low end computer, and on a par with many of the smaller netbooks that are available. However they are held back drastically by their limited typing space, that makes it hard for an adult to type for any length of time. Devices that extend your smartphone aim to bridge that gap.

KT’s Spider phone is currently only a concept, but is due to be released in a few months in some parts of the world, and it shows just what the modern smartphone is capable of. First of all there is a laptop extension. In other models that have used a phone to power a laptop, all that the phone did was to provide the computing power. In this however it’s use is a little more innovative, as the touch screen of the phone becomes the touch pad of the mouse.

The laptop base unit provides the larger screen and the full sized keyboard for typing in comfort. It also has it’s own battery built in, helping to extend the run-time of your smartphone rather than draining it by running it in this way. Perhaps more importantly it is designed to allow you to access the files on your phone’s storage easily and in the relative comfort of a laptop environment instead of a smartphone, hence making the creation and editing of documents far more easy.

For gamers there is a base unit designed especially to support game playing. By simply clipping your phone into the gaming base you now have access to controls that are better suited to gaming than can be provided on the average smartphone screen. Instead a more typical ‘D’ type pad is provided, that controls the phone via Bluetooth.

A tablet extension is also available that increases the size of the touchscreen, giving you a far larger space to work on. This is also ideal for those people who wish to view video from their phone.

This is just one of the many multi use devices that are currently in development. However it goes to show better than many the true potential of modern smartphones to become an all encompassing device that can take care of all of our computing needs. Just a few extension devices could reduce the overall cost by replacing a wide range of other devices, and perhaps even save on some of the frustration of having to learn how to use something again every time you buy something new, and it is for that reason that we are likely to see this market rapidly grow.

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