My iPhone Keeps Falling Over

The iPhone, and it’s big brother the iPad have become so powerful for mobile devices that they are now essentially the most portable computers that you could possibly own. However they have some drawbacks, and one of those is that they just won’t stand up easily on their own.

The iPhone and iPad were designed with looks and with comfort when being held in mind. This means that they have either smooth, rounded corners, or a flat edge that is at completely the wrong angle for standing on the desk. It means that they either won’t stand up at all, or they stand at such an odd angle that you cannot see the screen anyway and risk falling over onto either their front or back. A fall such as this could damage the delicate devices, and given how much they cost it is unlikely that you would want to risk either of them falling over.

There are two main reasons for wanting to have the device stand up on it’s own. The first is that both make wonderful portable video players, with even the smaller screened iPhone having a lovely, crisp picture that is easy to watch. They can play many formats of video file for videos stored on the device, or can play streamed videos from online TV and movie services on the internet. Holding either an iPhone or an iPad for two hours whilst you watch a movie is uncomfortable at best, and for some people would be impossible, if they were trying to multitask.

The second big reason is for typing. Using the onscreen keyboard of course is best when you are holding the device, or have it on a desk in front of you, flat. But when it comes to using one of the external keyboards that can be connected to the device, having it lie flat is a problem as you cannot see the screen well enough to see what you are typing.

A stand will solve both of these problems. In fact there are a wide range of stands that are available for the iPhone and iPad, some of which are tiny-so small that they fold up in order to fit into your wallet and be carried around. Others may have other features, including the ability to clip your device onto the back of a wireless keyboard, in order to keep the two nice and close together.

With a bluetooth keyboard and the ability to keep the device upright, you are now carrying the most portable of all computers. It gives you to the chance to work more completely when you are on the move, creating longer documents and emails.

Stands for the iPhone and iPad are generally very reasonably priced, with some coming in at around $5, and others that rise to closer to $20 for more functionality and a more sturdy stand. Any of these options works out a minor cost compared to protecting your device from damage in a fall, and more importantly they increase the convenience with which you can use your device.

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