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My Tips on Laptop Repairs

You see, to be honest, the majority of the time I recommend throwing the thing away and purchasing a new one. Really, it is just the best thing to do much of the time. You see, PCs, more than vehicles, are made with a built in obsolescence. Unless of course you have your equipment designed to run some fixed software – like large companies do – or you are still using the original Word and an old Epson Dot Matrix printer, the chances are that the Internet & hand-helds and all that have made upgrading even more crucial.

The other aspect is – do they manufacture your hard drive in house or do they send it off to the specialists? – well, actually they manufacture it offsite and I wouldn’t be overly surprised to see a big red flag going off right about now.

So right off the bat you should know that – for obvious reasons – your computer is going to be shipped away from the repair shop and probably have to be left there for a few days. On the other hand, if they modular type of hard drives (ie, all Individual Drives, so no single larger unit units) are manufactured at the same time as the computer, then you’re most likely going to be waiting a few business days to get your computer back.

So right off the bat you should know that – if you’re planning on being on-site with them during the repair process – you absolutely must plan on being there a good three to four hours each day. I’ve mentioned before that if you have a tech in your office and you have to wait on hold for an hour, it’s time to pick up the phone and get moving. So plan accordingly, and be flexible.

You might ask, what about the time I spend sitting around at a repair shop? A big reason is equipment. Believe me, it’s always great to have a nice big workstation, but it’s just not practical to have it sit there while you’re working. It’s great for sitting around for hours, but not practical for real computer work.

The same goes for large power tools. Remember, it’s not only the work you do with the big machines, it’s the data you generate and store that’s going to pay for them. Having said that, some repairs are more simple than others, so you have to make sure you dial your service center according to their working practices.

Businesses also have different needs than individuals. Repair shops are more frequently called upon to deal with complaints or issues regarding computers that are not functioning as they should. Because of this, it’s important that you understand what they require before indicating that you want to have someone come to your place to fix your computer.

Here are a few things that they’ll want to know before any work is done:

Do you want to be woken up upon attempting to fix your computer?

Will your computer be repaired on-site or will it be left to be repaired in-house?

Is your computer in good working order?

Will you have to stay at the shop until it’s repaired?

How much is it going to cost you?

Is it something that’s covered in warranty?

Can you return the hardware if it’s malfunctioning?

Will the store or individual be able to guarantee your computer?

Can you 98% of the time fix the problem yourself?

Always ask for an estimate of the repair charges so you can split the cost and take care of it yourself.

Acknowledgment is due to you and each time you attempt to locate a repairman or woman to attempt to locate you.

Some companies will only charge a fee if the considers the time and experience they saved on fixing your computer. Also be savvy and ask what’s in it for the service center. Sharing knowledge is a business into the relationship.

The majority of computer repairmen and women are trained at the ONE Consulting Agency Inc. Their sole purpose is to provide advice to their clients and assure their businesses are advanced and well equipped with the very best computer related equipment and expertise. The company caters to businesses with routine IT needs as well those who have broadened into other areas like e-commerce and call centers using IT consulting.

Don’t let a crisis situation get you, act quickly to put order in your life by getting your computer repair needs in order. Learn how to do it and you will not regret it.

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