Netbooks How They Reshape The PC Industry?

The new stage in personal computer industry is now leaning towards the thinner and lighter netbooks. Indeed, there are several of them that had been released over the past couple of years and they’re showing no signs of stopping. In fact, more netbooks are bound for release over the next few years as manufacturers are looking to make the most of this demand in the market.

A netbook is defined as a compact PC wherein it delivers the same functionalities and features (although not necessarily as powerful) as a desktop PC, but only lighter and thinner for higher portability. Another notable difference in these two is that the netbooks are considerably much cheaper than setting up your own PC system at home. This explains why netbooks are perfect for students because they are affordable and at the same time provides a wide range of functionalities so they can have their own PC while on the go.

The industry is no doubt going through an upheaval at this stage. In fact, industry experts are predicting that consumers will see more netbooks, especially the thinner and more portable ones, to emerge in the market by the end of this year and in the coming years. The features are also more enhanced so that it can deliver more functionality for consumers. For instance, the prospect of having slide-out keyboards or touch screen functionality is now being closely examined that consumers shouldn’t be surprised if they come out sooner than later.

The main reason behind this surge in the netbook industry is the fact that major electronics manufacturing companies are joining the bandwagon. In fact, popular brands now have their own range of netbooks for consumers to choose from. This continued production from well known brands of netbooks continue to drive the transformation as the basic PC of today is looking for reinvention. Even companies that are well known for manufacturing cell phones are now applying their expertise in the field of netbook or laptop production! This is, therefore, adding more to the evidence that netbooks are highly in demand today.

The production of several netbooks in the market is not only prompting companies that produce hardware components for these laptops, but also those companies that manufactures chips that run the software for these laptops and PCs. With more consumers opting for the low-cost netbooks, there is a paradigm shift as some of the popular manufacturers have assumed a nearly monopoly position in the industry. But the consumer demand in the industry is creating a huge impact such that there is a considerable difference in the prices and there are now more affordable options than ever before.

Despite the advancements in the netbook industry, there are still some limitations to this kind of laptop, especially when compared to the desktop PC. In most cases, it has difficulty running demanding software programs. This is the reason why netbooks might be suitable only for running programs that include document or spreadsheet preparation, among other things.

However, the future is still bright for the netbook industry. As the technologies continue to improve, consumers can keep their hopes up that manufacturers can come up with powerful yet low-cost netbooks, especially if that is what the market demands.

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