Office 2010

Office 2010

Microsoft office is the office application for the latest version of Microsoft’s world leading operating system Microsoft Windows. Office has been embedding and integrating itself into the Compared to its competitors and identically to other products, Microsoft has ensured that office is easy to use and understand for the masses. The office package consists of multiple applications easing the workload on the users at every level of operation. The applications or modules incorporated in the package like the Word document, Power point, Excel, Front page, and PowerPoint has been prepared keeping in mind the preferences and requirements of users.  It also offers support for many other file formats and works on platforms with different configurations. The modern and innovative techniques have been applied to create a user-friendly experience for office users.

Office 2010 is the improved version of the office suite with many small improvements and enhancements for a better user experience. Office 2010 includes the new Word document format with updated fonts, layouts and text bankers and also includes updated versions of most Office button packages which includes the Ribbon, the standard tab bar, the Excel Packages, the PowerPoint Suite Packages and the Microsoft OneNote Packages. Office 2010 license availability for personal use is available from various sources such as from Microsoft itself or from authorized resellers. Users can purchase enabling software which will allow them to use all the office applications as well as other third party applications.

The latest version of the Office suite is Elements, a complete new version including live templates which can be easily edited and a support for JPEG and videos back up. It is a better package than its predecessors in terms of office applications and photo-editing capabilities. Office 2010 documents are saved in the new Protected Mode which is accessible from a password protected website directly from those websites. Office 2010 documents are Now Secure which assure that all features are enabled and the documents are recoverable.

Office 2010 comes with a whole new Explorer which is browser based and it has gone through a lot of tweaking in the best to leverage the Windows 7 style. Toolbars and the Ribbon are a big improvement for Office 2010 as Microsoft has bundled the familiar menus and toolbars that users are very familiar with now and they’ve introduced Smartart which is a new and improved mode of gratifying graphic layouts drawn from the .NET platform. Office 2010 suites are cheaper than earlier versions released by Microsoft such as Office 2007 and Office 2003. The latest version Office 2010 is available in a 32 and 64 bit version and requires a minimum of 8 GB of on-line space for installation.

Office 2010 suites are cheaper and more flexible to use than earlier versions of the Microsoft Office series. They integrate familiar tools and familiar features in a new package that helps users to accomplish more with less.

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