online backup

Online Backup

You see, to be honest, the majority of the time I recommend throwing the thing away and purchasing a new one. Really, it is just the best thing to do much of the time. You see, PCs, more than vehicles, are made with a built in obsolescence. Unless of course you have your equipment designed to run some fixed software – like large companies do – or you are still using the original Word and an old Epson Dot Matrix printer, the chances are that the Internet & hand-helds and all that have made upgrading even more crucial.

The other aspect is – do they manufacture your hard drive or processor anymore?

The other thing is – is it a “sealed unit” where nobody can open it and have a examination.

So right away we are into a few barriers – which is why 80% of notebooks in active use are under three years old.

So – what do I do? Mostly, I’m fixing notebooks less than three years old. It isn’t so much they are badly made – there are many mishaps they can have – being dropped, water damage, malware attack and obviously – owner attack too.

The most typical is the hard drive. Yes they are robust and taking into consideration what they do I would say they are amazingly trustworthy. But when the heads are skimming thousandths of an inch above the platen – it is a bad time to have thump or bump on the equipment. Too many of these and you get a hard drive break down. Even today there are still many people who don’t do regular back ups. This is easily the most common repair.

What we do is take the hard drive out and using a hardware/software device (you can buy them too of course) is copy off all the info on the drive. Even after failure most of it is still there – even 99.9% the problem is when the 0.1% is slap bang in the middle of the boot up sequence or other essential windows system file.

When we go truly online – and this takes place when you have more than 1.5 terabytes of stuff on a hdd – then you need a reliable backup mechanism.

There are loads of online people and groups who provide a truly free online backup. However, while you may find it easier to pay for a backup solution, you will be missing out on some of the advantages of online backup – which pirates comes in many forms, but the most important are ease of access, unlimited backup, and trusted backing.

Online backup is certainly the future of backing up your data, and so is increasing in popularity. Just remember the following key points:

Every website capable of online backup is going to ask you to verify your identity before allowing you to download their utility. As always, please be sure to carry out a suitable amount of research before trusting your private details to anyone, and entering your credit card information or other personal or sensitive information online.

Always check to see if your backup service uses a  SSL Certificate, as this will help to prevent any future infections.

You always need to carefully check the website where you have placed your backups. This is usually done by ensuring that the ‘about us’ section on their website contains the statement “We make our backups online so you can trust them”. If they don’t and the page gives you a warning message, then don’t risk doing business with them.

Your personal and sensitive information is usually posted on a website between INS of you who should be very important to look out for.

Another thing you should watch out for is the security of your backup files. It will be impossible to guess that a backup file contains a lot of sensitive information if it is stored on a website that accepts credit cards.

The site that you choose should also offer you an encrypted file which you can use to encrypt your backups so that nobody accesses your data except you.

There are backup programs available which will encrypt all your files and folders so that nobody can retrieve them without a password that you have chosen.

When you select a great company to store your data and files, don’t forget to ask them to create the proper backup copy for you. You should always ensure that your backup copies are stored off site and away from your primary email account. This will give you piece of mind in case of a disaster.

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