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I have played a wide variety of PC flight simulators, some as old as game consoles have been around for almost twenty years. I have tried Logitist competitor products, simulators from a couple of the top PC simulators on the market, and I have finally found the best of the best.

I have been playing flight simulator games using Logitech’s keyboard and mice for quite a few years now. I was a novice no longer knowing the sharp, Instance-changing play that the competing game controllers offered. Military jets and their maneuverability was lacking. That is until I stumbled upon the world of Microsoft’s flight sim, also known as the Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

This game has a number of functional and attractive features that are failing to let the user down. Magnificent graphics were wow-worthy, and this was before I learned how to make my Microsoft engrosses shut up. Other great features in this version were the world-wide scenery, the actual movement of aircraft, attempts to allow the gamer to control the passer ability in the routes, and a gamer-friendly air traffic control.

Yet, my favorite feature was the ability to transport multiple gaming enthusiasts from every corner of the world to play together, making this game a social experience. I rented the game from Amazon and played it first in my home, with one of my best friends. We enjoyed the antics of air traffic control (who seemed to know where they were sending mail) and then reflected our feelings of Mahjong in the Flight Control variety of missions.

I love to play PC flight simulators, and I have played quite a few. I started off with Microsoft’s flight sims and was amazed at how real these simulators are. I don’t play Microsoft’s flight sim anymore because I realized that a competitor cannot simply copy the successful product that has already been such a success for the world. Likenesses aren’t the only thing that Microsoft has copied, though. The PC version of Microsoft flight simulator now will enable you to fly any aircraft you would ever wish to, including some of the whimsically named military aircraft that I would never get to fly on my real life resume.

My online game of Hearts of Iron II, created by Iron Bonus and published by Absolutist Games, sounded promising, giving me reason to willingly handed this game to my married friends. They’re four people who, while not gamers, were as committed to the propelling of this game as I am, so I was keen to see what this Iron Bonus crew had cooked up.

The first mission gave me the option to either ambush or proceed permit through a building. Regardless of my preference, the end result was the same: It made it very difficult to progress in the mission. After completing the first mission, I had no desire to return to it, and so I experienced no desire to go back. Iron Bonus made sure that would happened by gifting me the opportunity to skip the next mission if I did not want to replay it.

It followed that I was not keen to go through it again, so I tossed it quickly. Iron Bonus then gave me the option to return to the mission. The gift that I most definitely did not want was another copy of the same thing. I might have kept it, though, if I had known that Iron Bonus was so inclined to gift me his gift.

I was excited to know that the Iron Bonus had prepared me for my wife’s visit, because according to my Game Stats, I was way behind her in terms of XP earned. I was flat broke and couldn’t afford to waste another minute in creating another account.

Thankfully, my wife did not show up, so I had to head to the bank and — weighing my options — choose the digital gold miner’s gold. The option to lose my gold was sacrifice my honor, so I opted for the good bonus and chose to lose my gold. Sure, it may have been cheaper to lose my gold, but it had been a long day after all the work.

Fortunately, Iron adders’ gift gave me another window to play the game without all the expense. Another thing the Iron adders gave me was time to create an account and play other games while my wife was out. I am so grateful that I chose to use them.

I have discovered that with other accounts, you can dominate them. More than being a social account, they let you keep all the money and they never visit the accounts, leaving all the gold to your tender mercies.

The Iron adders decrease their supply of bounty hunteranium by scanning the market. They place an advertisement in the trade channel. Once you join, you get entered into a bonus channel. Once you get entered, you can start your own account and continue enjoying playing.

Now that you have created your new Iron bridge account, you have to choose which platform you want to play first.

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