PDA or Smartphone – What Is Better For You

PDA or Smartphone, what is better for you? PDAs and smartphones are just two of the modern gadgets to hit the market recently. Each has different set of features and functionalities, but both are designed to keep up with the needs of someone who leads a fast paced lifestyle. Thus, for someone who is planning to get a new gadget to use, they are faced with the dilemma of deciding which of these two to purchase.

Smartphones have no doubt taken over the industry over the past few years. However, PDAs remain to be a tough contender in the market, especially for those who want a useful device to organize their personal and work life. But what are the differences between these two? How do you decide which to get?

A smartphone is a handheld device that merges the functionality of a cell phone and a PDA. However, getting a PDA is a smart decision for someone with a limited budget simply because it is cheaper. Many consumers are deceived by the initially lower purchase price of smartphones. But because there are many carrier subscriptions that come with buying a smartphone, you will actually pay less for a PDA than you would with a smartphone because of its ongoing costs.

The connectivity of these two devices must also be considered when choosing which to get. A smartphone offers the same cellular network connections like a regular cell phone would. Some manufacturers even offer wireless data plan so you can use your cell phone to connect to the internet whenever there is a signal available. However, the speed rate of the connection could vary depending on the source of the signal.

PDAs do not offer the same connectivity feature as a smartphone does because it does not offer connection to cellular networks. You can, however, use other forms of connectivity on your PDA such as Bluetooth or WiFi. If you want to break free from the fees associated with wireless carrier networks, or you want to have more options with your wireless provider, then buying a PDA makes a lot of sense.

When it comes to the software applications and operating systems, both the PDA and smartphones have nearly the same OS. Thus, they tend to share the same third-party application providers. If you want to enjoy more functionality with your gadget, then you should take advantage of these software programs and applications.

The ultimate decision between a PDA or smartphone basically comes down to you, the consumer. You should identify what your needs and priorities are so you can compare it with the services and features provided by each device. Only you can decide which of the two gadgets to buy for yourself. If you can afford both, good for you.

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