PogoPlug Multimedia Sharing Device

With family around the world, we had tried several different solutions for allowing the sharing of family photos and movies of the children’s special milestones. Unfortunately all were either cumbersome or costly, and over time they fell out of use. The PogoPlug Multimedia Sharing Device is the easiest-and cheapest long term solution that we have found to keeping family up to date with goings on.

Plug and play set up took very little time. The basic steps to get PogoPlug working are to plug it into your network router, plug an external hard drive into the PogoPlug, and then finally log onto the website to set it up. Importantly for those who aren’t that good with setting up computers, there were no changes that needed to be made to the network, or to the router settings. Instead it worked simply by being plugged in.

The PogoPlug can take up to four external hard drives directly, and more can be attached by using a USB hub. With two TB drives and two 500GB drives plugged in there was a total of 3TB accessible from anywhere in the world, which is more than sufficient for the average user!

Accessing the PogoPlug is done by using a browser, and logging into the PogoPlug website from wherever you are. Most importantly of all we found that users can write to the drives as well as view or download from them by using PopoPlug, which means that family or friends can share photos without having to have their own PogoPlug. Security for your drives is managed by the use of passwords, and people can only access the drive if they have been emailed a link from you.

The speed with which you can access files is of course dependent on your internet speed both at home (where the PogoPlug is located) and wherever it is that you are currently located and trying to access the files from. A slow connection at either end will slow things down-and this is especially important at the home end because most ISPs give an upload speed that is a fraction of the available download speed. So ideally, a good home internet connection is needed.

There are times unfortunately when the PogoPlug has stopped responding, or one or more of the drives has refused to operate. This has at times needed a reboot, and at other times needed just a little patience.

Of all of the minor issues, the biggest problem is that as of yet the support for Android devices is very minimal. Whilst streaming video is promised, it is not delivered. Instead you have to download the files onto your phone, which is not only time consuming but unfortunately not always possible if the clip is too large. Customer support acknowledged that this feature was lacking but said that it should be made available in the near future.

The PogoPlug is not perfect by any means, but should hopefully improve with time. However, when compared to other options that are currently available it is the easiest to use, and the best value for money when used in the long term.

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