preventing the ear bud tangle

Preventing the Ear Bud Tangle

Preventing the ear bud tangle. Ear buds are a wonderful invention when it comes to having portable yet private music to listen to. Improvements in technology mean that the sound quality from these tiny, in ear music sources is now so good that many people rely entirely on buds, not owning a larger pair of headphones. However the problem with this portability is that they tend to get stuffed into a pocket, and end up tangled, sometimes to the point that can no longer be used.

How can you prevent them from tangling and keep them looking and working as well as the day that you bought them? You could of course religiously wind them up and wrap them around themselves before pocketing them. But the first time they come undone and get tangled may be the time that they get damaged. Worse, most people don’t tend to be that careful about putting them carefully away, and removing knots from the cable can be enough to break the wires inside.

Many ear buds are sold with a small case to store them in. This might be relatively effective, but the cases tend to make the buds overall size far greater, making them less convenient to put into a pocket with another device, such as your phone or music player. Smaller storage is provided by soft pouches, but without the rigid structure inside to wind the cable around, they still tend to tangle.

For those who find winding their ear buds into a storage device too much work, or simply don’t have the time to do so when they have to put them away quickly, a special retractable set might be the answer. These come with a small sprung device already on the cable. To release the ear buds the user pulls them out, and to make them retract again they gently pull on them again. The spring then pulls them back in, automatically wrapping the cable around the central post.

Hard cases that can be purchased separately from the ear buds may come with a winding handle that helps to gently pull the ear buds inside. Other options include straps that close around the ear bud cable, keeping the buds themselves from tangling with each other, whilst the plug end stays safely plugged into your music player. This takes up almost no more room in your pocket than the ear buds themselves do, yet offer a huge amount of convenience and safety for your ear buds.

Unless you have perfect discipline and always carefully wind and store your ear buds when you are done using them, then tangles in the cable are likely to be a problem for you. Newer cases that compress to fit into a pocket, or can be worn on the wrist, or slid around the player itself so that they take  up less room. With a good pair of ear buds often costing up to $30, or even more, making a small investment to protect them from getting damaged makes a lot of sense in preventing the ear bud tangle.

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