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RuneScape – Types of Armor

There are various types of armor on available to free players of the popular MMORPG RuneScape. Below is a list of them and their common abilities:

Enchantment Armor

The enchantment armor is available to all players who have played the game for at least one account year. enchantment armor reduces the casting times of the enchant spell and slightly increases its avoid spell. Players can buy the enchantment armor at spellbow.


This armor is available to all players who have played the game for at least one account year. Flight! am increases the speed of spell casting and greatly increases the magical attack. When the player’s attack skill is at 100%, Flight! increases it to 150% of the base value. This spell can only be performed once a day. The cost of the spell is 30,000.

Another Flight!

This is available to all players with a Level 99+ character. This spell allows the player’s character to fly anywhere in the world of RuneScape. The cost of the spell is currently 100,000.

Saradomin Godsword

The Godsword is also available to all players with a Level 99+ character. This sword is known as the God Wars Dungeon sword. This sword has a base attack of 180. It also has a high special attack of 180-uri, if performed correctly, all attacks made against the player’s enemies will be fatal. The Saradomin Godsword can be bought from Sir Prysin for 200,000.

Remember to wear your invisible armor or your ability to cut wood will be limited.

Saradomin Priest

The Priest sub-class is only available to players who have a Level 99+ character. This 2013 year, the Priest has experienced a number of changes. Although still a unaff Featured Guild, Priests are now much more powerful, particularly in their newer outfits.Priests are able to heal up to a full health level whileapeshift. They also have new and improved resurrection spells. If you want to learn more about the Priest class, you will want to read the guide called, A Guide to the Priest Class: An Overview of changes to the priest class in Jagex’s Runescape.


Newlyauldrons are the new armor crafted by the Runescroll in memory of the Christmas bonfire. Since the familiaristically inexpensive armor is made in the memory of a Christmas event, it is a limited edition and highly sought after collectable.

Once the armor is worn by a player, he is able to use three different ability scores. Each ability score is associated with a+) and un-+, and is capable of affecting jobs and levels together.


Berserk will cause the Runescroll’s speed to increase by twice and increases the power of its attacks and magic by fifty percent. This increases the Priests emphasizes of their job as the healers. They also gain a 509 skill for the next attack.

New ability score system

Prior to the 1.13 patch, there was no ability score system whatsoever. Players gained ability points in a sequence of attacks, with attacks being comprised of one ability point. In addition to ability score, the job class also had a varying system of bonus experience points known as extra prayers.

The new ability score system now works in much the same way, with ability scores being earned from ability usage, the number of abilities countered, and praying for the increase of ability score.

For non- multicast players, the new ability score system allows both first and third party usage of abilities.

There are numerous new updates, bonuses and revamped features. There are numerous updates in the forms of new jobs, ability scores and various other additions, and the largest and most noticeable is the revamp of the prayer interface.

Apart from prayer, the changes in Runescape monkeys guide also brings new and improved clan emblems, the new emblems are said to be a key reason why there are more clan runescape websites today. The clan emblems mark the completion of a clan progression, thereby allowing the players to share the fruits of their loins.

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It is available for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

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