Setting Up Your Ecommerce Site

Setting Up Your Ecommerce Site

If you’ve chosen (or are thinking of) launching your ecommerce site, you’ll need to think over a number of issues. These will include:

However, once you’ve evaluated your options, it becomes apparent that your site will require a lot more protection than many of the other opportunities out there.

Protecting your site from hackers and other undesirable elements online requires a combination of technical and expertise measures, as well as the ability to work without being encumbered by an enormous security burden.

Don’t sleep at night if you have To-do lists, short deadlines, creative projects, or large to do list..  You won’t sleep at night if you have to choose between a site that’s secure and one that isn’t.

Make sure that you have a comprehensive and detailed security plan in place. While many small business owners like to bill themselves with a “no expense,” reality is that they in fact spend money making sure their site is secure. Computing a website is a lot like assembling a jigsaw puzzle; it’s not high on the list of projects for those little sleep deprived entrepreneurs.

Back up your files. If you’re using a computer this important, why not back up your files? Save them in a safe place using media that’s stored in a safety deposit box. If you have a safe, why not take a chance and destroy it? I don’t think you’ll ever know if you will, but it won’t be sitting in your safe get a lot of dust.

Have a clearly laid out strategy for when to change the passwords. You must change them when the need to do so arises. While it’s a headache doing so, you might just need to revise your policies in case you are targeted.

Think through all the scenarios that can arise and utilize a solution if they do. Think of a situation that might arise and how you might be affected. Does it have to be you on the receiving end of an attack? Unlikely. But, if you’re the type who attacks others, you might consider bringing in the commercials to prove that you are not vulnerable.

Your website is your way of putting your self in the public eye. It’s a way to say “I’m online!,” but it also means “I’m vulnerable.” Keep the cameras turned on when you are receiving or sending e- mail to avoid the probability of an attack becoming a reality.

This is not the time to sit back and do nothing in response to an attack. Attackers are now sophisticated enough to come up with creative ways to penetrate your defenses. You can Counter Attack by creating a deterrent using 1/10th the tactics described above.

An additional security measure to help you avoid attacks is to get a custom made system that is specifically designed for your site. Ask yourself, “what would set this system apart from the hundreds of other possible candidates?” This will undoubtedly require a custom made application which will require a longer lead time to develop. However, if you’ve already agreed to the custom made solution, than you can move it to the top of the list!

A custom made OS is a viable method of securing your website. You’ll gain all the benefits of creating a new application without dealing with all the complexities associated with setting up a new application. You’ll experience a smooth entry process that will make you feel confident that visitors will be able to quickly and easily find their way to your website. Once your website is online, you can be sure that it will provide the security you need without having to worry anymore.

Make sure that you have a company that is dedicated to making sure that your website is secure.

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