Smartphones for The Business Minded

In this ever-advancing world, high-tech gadgets, particularly business phones, play big roles to many business people. Smartphones nowadays come in various features and plans. Company managers may need phones that complement both his/her personality and the needs of the business. So what are the different functions of a good smartphone for business? Read on to find out.

Clarity of calls Call clarity is obviously the most important characteristic you need to look for in a smartphones for your business. Being able to connect won’t help you much if you can’t hear the other person or if they can’t hear you because you keep breaking up.

Screen size and resolution – In business, you need your mobile phone to be versatile, and one of those versatile features you need is a camera with good screen size and resolution to show the image. A 3” or 4” screen is the most realistic to have, as it can fit perfectly in your pockets.

Touchscreen display feature You don’t need your phone to be full-packed with useless features, as this may only make things more complicated. A touchscreen display facility can solve this problem, as it makes navigation a lot easier.

Internet connectivity – A smartphones with internet connection will save you from the hassles of taking out your heavy laptop from your suitcase. A mobile phone with internet connectivity will allow you to check your emails, check out the latest news and happenings in business and respond to emergencies wherever you are. Also, phones with QWERTY keyboard will help you type in email answers more easily.

Organizer – A busy schedule will cause you to miss important details of your business. A mobile phone with an organizer feature will help you plan things ahead of time and point out pending activities in your task list.

Battery life – This is no-brainer; you need a mobile phone for business that can run for as long as possible without recharging. When you’re on the go, you will always be receiving calls, checking and answering emails, answering text messages, etc., and it can be hard to find power outlets to recharge, and a phone that drains battery fast can be of no help to you.Storage space – The more storage space in your phone, the better, as you will obviously have to save a lot of names and numbers in your phonebook, images, and docs in your mobile phone. You also don’t want the hassle of carrying extra memory card around. A mobile phone with 16 GB storage space is your best available option.

Other features that you may need are document storage, access to Google maps, recordings, lectures and of course, GPS.

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