Sony DPF D810

Sony DPF D810 8-Inch SVGA LCD (4:3) Digital Photo Frame

Sony DPF D810 Digital photographs are lovely for allowing a family to take large amounts of high-quality pictures and discard the ones that haven’t turned out as well as they had hoped. Unfortunately, they also tend to sit there on a computer, and unlike old-style film photography, they often won’t be printed. That means that they also don’t get seen and are harder to show off than the previous generation of photographs were.

Framing and displaying your digital photographs is significantly more comfortable with a digital photo frame. This Sony PDF-D810 8-inch SVGA digital photo frame is essentially a small LCD screen that allows you to display your photographs quickly and easily, or else it can display a clock or calendar if you wish to have a change from your pictures.

The frame will take either a USB flash drive or an SD card for input, plugged into the frame. It can display the photographs from the menu or flash drive straight away. Importantly the frame will hold photos on its internal memory. This internal memory is most useful if you want to transfer pictures directly from your computer to the photo frame, which you can do by using the mini USB port included in the frame.

Though it will only hold 150 photos, which may be a lot less than on your camera’s memory card, it does mean that you can select your favorite images to display on the frame without having to leave your card always in there.

Unlike cheaper frames, this one comes with a remote that allows you to control it. That lets you skip or go back to another shot, but importantly it enables you to navigate the on-screen menus. The remote is a far easier way to do this than using the buttons on the frame, hidden around the back and not easily seen while reading the menus. Having to turn over every button press to make sure that you are pressing the right thing was time-consuming and difficult by comparison.

Several options included the fade between photos, with the slowest giving you a new image once a day. This refresh rate is excellent for regular use so that you don’t feel like you are missing anything while still giving you a fresh image regularly. The manual forward mode and the remote control allow you to go faster through the photographs that you have if you want to show them off to someone.

Unfortunately, the frame has no inbuilt battery, which means that you lose all of your settings when you turn it off. That is particularly troublesome if you want to take the frame elsewhere and use it to show your photographs to someone else.

Needing to keep the frame permanently plugged in and powered up for it to display your photographs is a significant drawback compared to a printed photo in a photo frame. Of course, that brings a running cost to it that a print would not have; however, the advantages of not having to print your favorite photos to display them outweigh this minor detail.

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