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Startech eSATA USB to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station

Startech eSata USB to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station. Upgrading a computer often leaves you with the chore of transferring data from the old computer to the new. The use of an external hard drive bay made a recent upgrade incredibly easy, by simply taking the drive out of the old computer and placing it in the bay, before connecting to USB.

This external hard drive bay allows you to use the internal hard drives from another computer without having to install them in a new computer. This is a far more convenient way of mounting drives for use, as it requires no tools, no fittings and with an operating system such as Windows 7 it reads the drives right off without any need for special software. One of the most useful features of this enclosure is that it will hold both 2.5” and 3.5” drives, meaning the drives from both a laptop and a desktop computer.

It is also hugely useful that there are no fittings needed for this enclosure. Some on the market require that the drive be screwed or otherwise be fitted into the enclosure which takes some time. It also makes it rather inconvenient when you have several drives that you want to use in the enclosure, and you have to fit them properly every time. This drive on the other hand is plug and play, with the drives just needing to be slotted into the bays and a check needed to ensure that they are plugged in properly.

This bay was purchased in order to allow us to continue using old hard drives from another computer, however it also functions well to allow data recovery. When a friend’s computer failed because the operating system was damaged, and they hadn’t made adequate backups, they asked for our help. Plugging their drive into this bay allowed us to use the functional operating system on our computer in order to read the information on their drives and then copy it over to an external drive. Almost all of their data was recovered.

Overall the drive is somewhat large, and it needs to be tucked into a corner of the desk where it won’t be disturbed a lot. But it’s not so large that it gets in the way and when you consider the fact that the bay includes a cooling unit, and it’s own power supply too, the size isn’t all that surprising or disappointing.

The data access rates are fast, with them running at least as fast as a laptop drive would ordinarily run. Certainly it is fast enough to watch movies straight off the enclosed hard drive, without having to transfer them to the internal hard drive first.

Startech hard drive docking station is a wonderfully easy way to continue using an old hard drive for backup purposes, or for retrieving data off an old drive. It might even save you a great deal of hassle if your current hard drive should happen to fail unexpectedly, as it may be possible to still read the drive with another, functioning system. It makes this a very useful tool to have around.

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