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  • Linux Vs Linux

    Linux Vs Linux

    The disks that we buy these days do come with a OS on them but it’s typically just the generic “Microsoft Windows” which most folks are familiar with but some have had issues with.  The truth is, there are a number of other operating systems out there that are free or free and accurate but […]

  • How to Convert PDF to Copy

    How to Convert PDF to Copy

    How to Get Text From PDF? PDF files are widely used for exchanging files which like a photocopy as the original across different platforms and media. The great compatible and secure makes it does a good job as reading or displaying format. However, at the same time these virtues appeal to us, we may also […]

  • Mobile Applications For Mobile Applications

    Mobile Applications For Mobile Applications

    In 2008 Nokia announced that they intended to acquire the last Symbian operating system, Symbian OS, that was running on devices such as mobile phones. The reasons for the Symbian OS to be dropped are as follows: Nokia had to pull out of the OS market prematurely because it failed to attract the required investment […]

  • Linux


    Through much of the 1990’s Linux was the only choice for a desktop system. Linux had become the kernel of choice for those who wanted to create a system of their own. In the early days of computing Linux was too costly to use as a desktop system. Linux was still an operating system to […]

  • Office 2010

    Office 2010

    Microsoft office is the office application for the latest version of Microsoft’s world leading operating system Microsoft Windows. Office has been embedding and integrating itself into the Compared to its competitors and identically to other products, Microsoft has ensured that office is easy to use and understand for the masses. The office package consists of […]