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  • What Is Cloud Hosting?

    What Is Cloud Hosting?

    The term ‘cloud’ is very broad and this causes confusion as to what is and what is not a cloud. For many, it’s enough to identify that they use cloud computing. However, IT professionals often refer to it as virtualized computing. Cloud hosting is quickly becoming the preferred way to do business, mostly due to […]

  • Online Backup

    Online Backup

    You see, to be honest, the majority of the time I recommend throwing the thing away and purchasing a new one. Really, it is just the best thing to do much of the time. You see, PCs, more than vehicles, are made with a built in obsolescence. Unless of course you have your equipment designed […]

  • What Is Cloud provider

    What Is Cloud provider

    FDA has implemented new regulations for the food trace-back industry, and are Considering mandatory trace-back requirements for meat and poultry products. Will we see more competitors regulated by the FDA? Since the FDA started to regulate trace-back drugs inregation with food trace-back agencies, we can expect the trace-back industry to change again in the near […]

  • The Benefits of Cloud Computing

    The Benefits of Cloud Computing

    Converting conferences and meetings to the cloud still appears to be a mystery. With the ever-increasing number of devices connected to the internet, the question on everyone’s lips is: “Why would anyone ever want to discuss cloud computing at a business meeting?” But there are answers, and they involve a change in the way meetings […]

  • Different Types of Memory Cards

    Different Types of Memory Cards

    The great potential of the single use card slot has been widely numerous. Due to its portability, different high end features and the compatibility, it is widely implementation with the different devices. But of late, this card has been released with many new features, and separated into different versions. The different versions are i.e. the […]