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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Converting conferences and meetings to the cloud still appears to be a mystery. With the ever-increasing number of devices connected to the internet, the question on everyone’s lips is: “Why would anyone ever want to discuss cloud computing at a business meeting?” But there are answers, and they involve a change in the way meetings are currently conducted.

Instead of the traditional way of recording information – with slide show presentations – cloud computing could be the solution. Recordings could be saved directly to the cloud or stored on a hard drive or even transferred to a smartphone, knowing that the company will be able to access them anywhere.

Working with the cloud could also bring about some changes in the style of business meetings. Traditionally, business meetings have been about lone workers sharing information. With the help of group working and the elimination of unnecessary meetings, more face-to-face meetings are being held. This does not necessarily mean that information is being transferred across borders. As long as cloud computing exists and works, meetings would be able to take place that work best for the company.

Okay, so what changed?

Trillions of data points

To give this technology a bit of polish, it is important to create a clear road map that guides cloud computing clients to take the first few steps on their path to cloud computing. The original intention of this technology was to serve as a way to centralize storing data and conducting analysis. While the current version of cloud computing is focused on developing apps for mobile devices, a lot of progress can be made in this area.

The amount of data being collected is huge, and it is not being used productively. According to Gartner, the technology still has a long way to go before it can become useful to business. Data must be collected from as many different locations as possible to make sure that a full representation of the data is available.

The number of companies that have decided to work with cloud computing service providers is increasing. This does not mean that businesses are replacing their existing models with cloud computing services. The fact that so many are doing so shows that this model is a good option for them.

Level 3 and below


To make this model work for more companies, a few requirements must be met first and foremost. Ideally, the infrastructure should support the development and flow of data, infrastructure must be reliable, and cloud computing clients should be able to scale easily with the system. If one party decides that they want to go down, the other one should not be too far behind as it will be able to pick up the slack.

Advantages of this model are that it is opens up a lot of data possibilities and that it is not tied to any one organization. It helps in spreading the costs out to make Sure that no organization is left behind from taking advantage of the technology.

The model works for open source and for companies that do not have a lot of money to spend on developing their own technology. While open source development can cut the cost, it can also help in opening up new revenue streams. The open source code can be used as a foundation for building a service that is not tied to a certain organization.

Companies that are working on distributed systems could utilize the cloud computing technology to their benefit. Performance and availability of the service is enhanced by such a large cache of available computing resources. Every company will have different needs and will thus need customized solutions built to fit their very own needs. Entrusting your IT infrastructure to a service provider that is not related to your business will eventually devalue the entire system to the user.

Computed properties

An additional benefit of this service is that it helps provide automatic solutions to certain problems that are regularly occurring. Without planning help from the experts, such a problem can take place and you will end up having spent most of your time solving the problem.

Automatic allocation of resources and provisioning of resources

The service also helps to save on computing resources that are usually spent on acquiring resources. It will also help to reduce the time that is taken for the procurement of resources. The service provides the best value for money guarantee.

Measures taken to avail resources for making the service successful

Obtaining the support from the very people who use the service is must. This is because the support from the provider will enable you to acquire timely updates about the status of your applications. The support team is likely to be able to answer any questions that you may have as well.

The cloud computing support team will be able to understand the goals of your business. It will be easy for the team to understand how the service can be helpful to you. It is therefore important to ensure that the right cloud management team is present at your disposal.

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